6 Female Tourists Sexually Assaulted in Resort Town & Mayor's Biggest Worry Is Effect on Tourism

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Acapulco rapeA horrific gang rape in Acapulco, Mexico, in which six women were gang raped after the seven males who were with them were tied up and beaten, has Acapulco Mayor Luis Walton worried about one thing: Tourism.

The masked men broke into a beach home where the seven Spanish couples were staying in the wee hours of Monday morning. They tied up all of the men and raped all but one of the women. As yet, it's unclear why one woman was spared. The story is sending ripples of fear throughout the world since Acapulco is a popular vacation destination for Americans and travelers from around the world.

It's a nightmare. But it's a nightmare made worse by the mayor's dismissive attitude. It could happen anywhere, right? At least that is what Walton has to say. His comments set off a firestorm. See below:

We know that it's very unfortunate what has happened, but it happens anywhere in the world.

Oh yes. He said that. What he doesn't know is that the rape of six tourists ranging from ages 20 to 34 is an absolute nightmare scenario for most women.

We all know to be careful walking at night and be careful what we wear and be careful who we talk to; otherwise, some jerk will say a rape is our fault. After all, we were out after dark or we were doing whatever else (can you see my eyes rolling from there?). But now we have to be careful when we are lying in beds with our husbands?

The reality is rape CAN happen anywhere. We have recently seen horrific rape cases as far away as India and as close by as Steubenville, Ohio. Women aren't safe anywhere in the world. If he wanted to say it that way, then fine. It's true. And it's wrong. But the mayor's comments come on the heels of a year where American politicians and foreign politicians alike are making incredibly dismissive comments about rape.

We have Todd Akin questioning the validity of pregnancies stemming from rape. We have judges saying women "enjoy rape" and we have Steubenville football players laughing about rape on camera. I am sorry, but when does it end? Can we make some kind of international law that men must learn what rape is really like? Because women know. Even those who have been lucky enough to never have been assaulted understand instinctively what it must feel like to lose your power and autonomy and control over your own body. It's awful.

Why do men not seem to get that? How many more of these dismissive comments must we hear?

Would you travel to Acapulco now?

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bills... billsfan1104

Sasha, most of you liberals tell me or conservatives to shut the hell up about Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a cunt or Wonkette making fun of her son, but yet you still bring up Aiken. The mother fucker lost, he is not in power, he does not live in Mexico, he is a NON ISSUE. So for the love of God, stop ringing him up. For fucks sake.

zandh... zandhmom2

I'm sure that many men "get it" and the majority of men don't rape so don't group all men together. And you do know that men can get raped too right? I'm sure if you go into any prison you can find plenty of men who have been raped...maybe they don't matter because they're in jail for doing something wrong anyhow right? And for the record, yes rape does happen EVERYWHERE even when your on vacation it can happen.

small... smallfryes

First off, is this the only comment you are trashing the mayor on?  Because really, it just sounds as if he's being defensive and rightly so.  He was probably being questioned and he finally said this.  People really shouldn't read too much into this.

But what I take issue with in this piece of 'journalism' Sasha, is something you did write and that I am not taking out of context.  And I quote "Can we make some kind of intl law that men must learn what rape is really like?" 

Wow!  Did you know Sasha that the FBI, in 2012, (2012!!!) had to change the definition of rape to include men because it's just as real a problem for men as it is for women?!

I knew a man, father of 2, who had been kidnapped from a parking lot in Glendale, California, in 1992, taken across the border, and raped and beaten by a gang of 5 men repeatedly over the period of 4 days.  He was not right when he came back.

Please read up on the subject before submitting your misinformed opinions on the matter in the future.

ToolA... ToolArmy066

Billsfan1104 I swear you read my mind.

Fondue Fondue

Billsfan, you should probably work on your anger issues.  Aiken was not the only example she used; she did call out other groups (which you probably feel is different because she didn't mention the judges or the Stubenville perps by name).  Liberal or conservative, Todd Aiken is an idiot.  Plain and simple.  She was trying to prove a point that there are some men who seem to have a flippant attitude toward rape.

Oh, and as one of my high school English teachers was fond of saying, "Profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully."

bills... billsfan1104

Fondue, kiss my ass. I am angry right now and sad and devastated. A good friend of mine lost his daughter unexpectedly two days ago. She was only six years old. So I am sorry if you don't like that I cursed. It's getting old. It's getting old that they constantly bring up Aiken, but they will never ever bring up what Liberal men have said or continue to say.

bills... billsfan1104

About conservative women. What this man said was nothing bad. It's not like he said they deserved it, or they did anything wrong. Sasha and many liberal women are quick to jump on the bandwagon that every time men say something, it's a "I hate women" quote. It's not and they need to stop taking it that way.

bella... bellacazzate

Why don't you stop reading, then, Billsfan? If Sasha bothers you so much, why give her a pageview? You're contributing to her paycheck every time you click and everytime you respond. It's a pageview based blog. More pageviews = more author contributions. She generates traffic and The Stir relies on angry commenters in disagreement with the writer because it draws the biggest response and brings in a crapton of clicks. The best way to have her and "[those] liberals" stop writing things you don't like is to not play into it. 

nonmember avatar M

This story is horrific. I would definitely not travel there knowing you get no sympathy from the government for such a horrific crime.

That being said, billsfan you REALLY need to get a life. EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE that somehow links to politics you comment on, ripping apart liberals. Let it go.

bills... billsfan1104

Bella, that is a myth. Some of Sasha's articles are worth reading like the one about Monopoly. And I never said that I disagree with her 100% of the time.

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