Woman Sues Gym for Making Her Do 'Humiliating' Exercise Routines

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workout class fitness yoga exerciseI go to the gym. I take classes. Sometimes, the instructor yells, "Shake your shoulders!" Other times, it's "Shake your hips!" Sometimes it's "Squat!" or even "Double squat!" or sometimes even, god forbid, "Spread your legs! Wider!!" To think I thought all of this was normal talk for an exercise routine. But apparently I may have been humiliated in a lewd fashion. At least, this is reportedly what happened to Jamie Johnson, whose gym trainers allegedly made her perform "humiliating exercise routines." Is there any other kind?!

According to Johnson, who worked out at LA Fitness, she was made to do "strange exercises." And when she asked her instructor about these "strange exercises" (which aren't detailed), he allegedly said, "So I can see your chest move while you do it." Uhh, maybe he wanted to make sure she was breathing?

But that's not all, folks. Johnson asked for a new trainer, but this one had the temerity to send her a "vulgar" text message -- which her 5-year-old son saw on her phone. Now her son is traumatized, natch.

Johnson also reportedly claims that she and her husband have suffered emotional trauma. Hey, the gym can be traumatizing for sure. It's supposed to be! Anyway, Johnson is suing LA Fitness for not providing a "safe workout environment." She can't sue for "sexual harassment" because she doesn't work there.

I'd be curious to know what exactly the trainers were making Johnson do. Exercise on the whole is a rather provocative thing -- you kick, you lunge, you spread eagle. Sometimes trainers even say things like, "Let's get that butt in gear!" Is this sexual?! I dunno. Maybe there's more here than is being reported.

And what did the trainer text that was lewd? Why'd the trainer even have her number to begin with? All a bit odd. Maybe Johnson just doesn't understand exercise. It actually involves your body.

Have you ever been asked to do "sexually suggestive" moves at the gym?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

You act as if a trainer could never possibly cross the line with a client. I don't think it odd that a trainer would have her number.

sand008 sand008

It sounds like theres more to the story.

missusmc missusmc

Even if a line was crossed, why sue?  I'm sure the trainer was out of line.  When that happens, you contact corporate offices, you alert the media, you tell everyone who will listen to boycott, hell, you even press charges when applicable.  I'm all for that.  What I'm not all for is the lawsuit.  Shit happens and people are horrible to others, but that ones not mean you get monetarily compensated (or at least it shouldn't).  If a crime was committed, you alert the police.  You don't just get a lawyer.  I hate how that's the go to reaction these days.  

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

Her five year old reads her text messages?

Nycti... Nyctimene

A lewd text is definitely out of line and it doesn't surprise me they have her number. Gyms usually take down tons of personal information including all phone numbers when you sign up so that they can pester you with all their discount/sales/special offers crap lol. 

But I'd be curious about what the exercises were. And yes, ultimately going to the gym and working with a PT can be embarrassing. I had to do stairs without a proper workout bra my first few times in the gym and I'm a D-cup so there was a lot of jiggling and nearly bouncing out of my top at first lol. Suck it up. You're there to work out, not to prance around like a fashion show. If you look pretty through your workout then you're not working out hard enough.  

Amber... Amberleigh81

My trainer had my number so she could let me know if she couldn't make it or needed to reschedule. I had her number for the same reason.

chech... chechimansmama

Sounds like she may have been having an affair and got caught up and is trying to save her ass.. just a thought. Some people will do anything to cover a lie.

Melis... Melissa1508

Ummmm...probably no one MADE her do anything.  That's the beauty of being in a public gym...you can walk away.  Would I keep doing the exercises if my trainer made a comment like that to me?  No.  Seems like there are a lot of missing bits of info here.  DID she walk out after the comment was made?  Did she keep going to the trainer?  If she walked out, how long after that did she receive the "lewd" text?  If she received the "lewd" text before the comment, why did she keep going to the trainer?  Lots of questions. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

This is one reason I've always been a solitary exerciser. I have no desire to watch a room full of people squatting and panting. Sorry, not my thing. You really don't need a pro to get yourself in shape. Feels like a private activity to me, but to each their own. I'll run on my own and do strength training at home, thanks.

hexxuss hexxuss

Something just doesn't add up in this one.  Not sure what yet, but it just doesn't... Don't want to exercise? Then don't do it.  Don't want to pay your $200/month under contract fees for a gym? Find a better lie? At worst that she's produced is a trainer who likes to see boobies move... um, ok? That causes severe emotional distress for her & her husband how!? Be proud of what you got girl! *smh idiot broad*...

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