Couple Reportedly Killed Over Dog Poop Argument, Leaving 4 Kids Orphaned (VIDEO)

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A mother and father of four children were shot and killed on Monday over a supposed argument about dog poop. When police arrived to the Dallas, Texas apartment complex, Michelle Jackson, 32, and Jamie Stafford, 31, were already dead while their infant daughter was safe and sound inside. The couple's other three children were at school at the time. Chung Kim, a neighbor who lived downstairs from the family, was taken into custody later on in the day after he was found nearby in his black Lexus SUV. According to police and several witnesses, Kim allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Jackson while she stood on her balcony, and then went into the couple's home and shot Stafford while he tried to escape via jumping off the balcony. This all reportedly stemmed from the fact that Jackson and Stafford repeatedly kept dumping dog feces on the patio and at the front door of Kim's apartment.

According to a friend of the parents, there have been numerous arguments about the pets and noise between the two parties over time -- but the fact that this is the outcome, naturally, came as a shock to everyone. 

Odds are, there's more than meets the eye in this awful situation, as allegedly killing someone over dog poop is crazy -- as is constantly dumping dog poop on your neighbor's porch. It's just too bad that things couldn't be resolved differently. Perhaps if a landlord was notified of the pet and noise issues, or if one of the parties just moved, there would be a different end to this tragic story. Now a man will likely be in jail for the rest of his life, and four innocent children will grow up without their parents -- one of whom will never remember her parents at all. What a shame.

What do you think of this?


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lulou lulou

So the dad was escaping without his child???

LostS... LostSoul88

wow the dad was trying to escape and leave his infant in the palce with a gunman..... Sounds like a great dad.... He should have hid and knocked the guy ut when he was looking for him

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Living in an apartment complex, I can understand the murderous rage over an asshole neighbor. When my daughter was a baby we had two young males who lived next to us. Whenever she would cry, which was very rare, they would bang so hard on the wall that our pictures would fall off. Or they would "hang blinds" at 1 am in the morning, with a hammer. When one died from an overdose half our complex was in the street laughing and clapping. That's how much everyone hated them. I am not the type of person who could turn around and kill someone, I would get them evicted. But I do get the angry, frustrated part. It doesn't excuse the crime in the least, especially with children becoming orphans over it. Unfortunately it wasn't handled correctly from the beginning. Citations should have been made and fines implemented if the problem continued. Our complex is super strict and you will get fined at the first instance of breaking a rule. By the third fine you are out. 

handy... handy0318

I feel very sorry for the children, but for a young couple in early 30's to be so vile as to continuously dumping dog crap on a 75 year old man's patio and front door... don't feel sorry for them. They acted like the neighbors from hell, they paid a hellish price.

TeamT... TeamTARDIS

I wonder how often this man complained and was ignored? Obviously nothing gives him the right to commit murder, but those two sound vile.

nonmember avatar Amy

If you are going to act so horrendous, you should expect that behavior in return. The two acts do not seem equal, but every person reacts differently. I feel bad for their kids, but those people paid the price that man saw fit for their bad behaviors!

mleil... mleilanim

Well I'm 1. thinking this "dad/husband" must be some kinda punk to A. Be so childish as to place feces on another persons property B. run away when his wife was just shot & his infant's inside & C. At home w his wife, during the day; as opposed to being at work when they have 6 mouths to feed (7 including the dog) & living in an apartment and 2. I can totally relate to the anger & frustration the perp must have felt that drove him to this was his tax money paying for the food the dog was excreting that was returned to him 10-fold!!!

nonmember avatar CF

Thank god 3 losers are off the planet. the kids will be better off without parents like that anyways. Hopefully, this is the begining of more losers killing each other....

luvprue1 luvprue1

I feel sorry for the children.  But I do not feel sorry for the parents. What type of people will spent that much time dumping dog poop on someone patio?  They seem  vindictive and immature.  They didn't deserve to be killed over it, but in a way they brought this upon themselves. 

justyne5 justyne5

If they were just doing it to be rude, I don't understand it. But to be murdered for it is way beyond any reasonable response to the situation. 

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