Mom Begs for Donations for Son's Funeral & Then Gets Arrested for His Murder

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Brittany Arnett
Brittany Arnett
When folks in the Inverness, Florida area jumped on Facebook recently, they found a plea from a mom they knew. Her 6-month-old son has died, and she needs donations to help pay for his funeral. Who wouldn't be moved by such a heartbreaking tale?

Brittany Arnett's friends were. That is until cops say Arnett confessed to murdering her 6-month-old son Hadley in a fit of anger.

Police say Arnett slammed the baby boy's face on the tray of his swing, yanked him from the swing, and then shook him. Then they say she put him to bed, even though she knew he was hurt. When he was finally taken to the hospital the next morning by Arnett and her boyfriend (who was not home during the alleged murder), the infant was dead.

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An autopsy of baby Hadley revealed brain hemorrhaging, separated spine, broken ribs, and lacerations within the infant's mouth.

And after all that, she had the audacity to beg her friends for money? And sympathy?

She got it for awhile. Friends were supportive up until Arnett's arrest on a first degree murder charge this week. Not surprisingly, they're singing a different tune now.

People are feeling betrayed by Arnett. They're angry.

Of course they're angry. This woman allegedly killed her own child in cold blood. Then, to add to her crimes, she played herself off as a victim. She abused people's good natures, trying to extract money from them even though a funeral home had donated its services.

Arnett's twisted tale is a horrendous reminder that you have to read between the lines of most sob stories, but it certainly drives it home. For every person who is truly down on their luck, there's a monster trying to take advantage of you.

Are you wary when people ask for donations?


Image via Citrus County Sheriff's Office

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LostS... LostSoul88

Hope the b**** is murdered in prison! That poor baby....

rhps2000 rhps2000

Pure evil. :(

brand... brandspanknnew

This is possibly the most sickening article. I cannot believe that woman. That poor child, doing nothing but innocence and it just ripped away by the one person who should be uplifting and loving him. I hope she rots.

amiec... amiecanflie

This makes me sick. How could someone abuse a poor, defenseless child?

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

Seriously now all I can think about is my little angel- Everytime i see that face that he is about to cry i just pick him up and cuddle him up, I JUST DONT GET THIS SHIT MAN!! I just wanna cry

jrphelps jrphelps

That makes me so sick.  I don't understand how people can hurt another human being let alone a poor defenseless child.  Before I left the hospital & at every single one of my son's well child check ups, my doctor & nurses told me it's ok for me to take a time out as well.  If I can't handle it, go to the other room & shut the door.  No child has ever died from crying.  I have never had to do this because I always comforted my son as an infant & now as a toddler, I walk away from temper tantrums.  Rest in paradise sweet baby angel

nonmember avatar Michelle

I have an 8 month old.. This is the worst story ever. :(

Melis... Melissa1508

Holy God, how can you do that to a child, a baby, much less your own?  Christ...this is a sick world we live in.

Connie Flora Lowther

yea she did that and i never hurt my three kids and got them taken from me gee this child wellfair needs to get there storys right get the kids that are being hurt take them and leave the ones that are being treated like kids not being hurt or nothing alone they are just being loved

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