Jodi Arias Tells Jury That She Stabbed Her Lover Multiple Times in 'Self-Defense' (VIDEO)

Jodi AriasThe Jodi Arias case has all the makings of a Lifetime movie. A beautiful but rageful young woman who was allegedly obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. A Mormon young man who was deeply into his faith while also allegedly hiding a "deviant" sexual life.

But it's not a made-for-TV movie. In fact, this is a true, twisted, and tragic story. Arias admitted to a jury that she did kill her boyfriend. She claims it was in self-defense and also claims when she told an interviewer that a jury would never convict her, what she meant was that she was going to kill herself.

Part of Arias' defense is clearly to paint herself as a victim. She talked about abuse at the hands of her parents and a boyfriend who beat her twice and threatened to kill her family. She is a high school drop-out who worked at Denny's and once wanted to be an artist, but her parents didn't support it. It's all very, very sad. It's also not a real defense. See below:

Just because you had a rotten childhood or a crappy job or made bad choices doesn't mean you get to kill someone.

It's sad, though. To be sure, very few criminals had happy childhoods. That's the damage a bad childhood can do. If you're raised thinking bad things are normal, then you may very well do bad things unless you have some kind of reckoning and take a different path.

It sounds like Arias was the kind of woman who sought abusive men and continued that pattern of abuse in her life. Who wouldn't feel sorry for her? But still. She stabbed her ex nearly 30 times, according to the coroner's report. Could that REALLY be self-defense?

Part of building a defense is painting yourself as a victim. I get that. But only one person was left dead in a shower, bleeding and broken. Arias admitted to a jury she committed that act. Does she deserve death? Probably not. But few people do. Still, that doesn't mean she should ever, ever be back in public.

Life in prison seems pretty appropriate.

Do you feel sorry for Arias?


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Momof... Momof8kiddies

No, I do not feel sorry for her... Not even a little... I feel sorry for Travis Alexander, his family & friends... She committed a brutally violent act on someone, while he was in the shower, completely defenseless... There is no excuse for something like that... Many people survive abusive or bad childhoods & go on to live great lives... It's all about choices... We have the choice to live a good life, we have the choice to get help as adults if we feel that we were somehow damaged by our childhood... I'm so sick of people blaming others for their behavior... She is a sick, twisted woman who should be locked up forever...

priso... prisonblues

I don't belive she had a rotten childhood at all, she got spanked I got spanked its really annoying that this lawyer is calling it "beatings". She murdered a person stabbed him multiple times.

priso... prisonblues

So based on what she "recalls" I could totally murder someone because my parents spanked me, my dad used to boot us in the butt with steel toe boots, my mom had a spoon too!

Melan... MelanieJK

I don't think she's made the case that the guy she killed abused her and the evidence suggests it was premeditated.     That makes any crap about her childhood irrelevant in my opinion.    He didn't trigger some freak out.   

She is whacked in a creepy way though so I'd probably vote for life.     But justice for him would be the death penalty.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I could believe that she was beaten, not spanked. When she was a kid, it wasn't an issue to hit your kid. I'm assuming by her last name that she is also Hispanic, which to me, explains the beatings. Many backgrounds (even today) still believe in spankings as discipline.

Poor girl was crazy from birth, but her parents either didn't notice, didn't care, or were too poor to send her to a psychiatrist.


I have no sympathy for this bitch what so ever. She is a sociopath. She is out for Jodi and everyone else be dammed. She even had a camera at the murder scene that accidentally went off a captured a picture of the deceased. She only confessed because that pic put her there. So her story got changed again. I'd have no problem with her being put down. Feel sorry for're crocked.

nonmember avatar Brian

"does she deserve the death penalty?" If anyone did deserve it, it's Jodi Arias. She has a story for everything. She was very smug when she said years ago that "No jury will convict me, and you can mark my words". If you look a little closer she also said "no jury will convict me because".........wait for it............."because I'm innocent" She is a sociopathic, psycho killer. Based on some of the photos shown in the trial I wouldn't be surprised is she had sexual relations with a Bull Elephant.

Mommi... MommietoJB

No sympathy for this pathological liar. Her defense team are something else, they have her dressing like shes amish and that hairstyle with the bangs are we suppose to see her as an innocent 7 year old with that hairstyle. And their obviously embellishing the spankings and the incident with the father pushing her into a door frame she was already 17 and she was no honor student. Everybody goes through something, it doesnt drive them to kill. And I dont think a man would start a fight with a woman while hes taking a shower. Self defense not at all.

nonmember avatar linda

I DO feel sorry for Jodi and do not feel she should be put to death, regardless. Wish all sex offenders of children were put to death tho.

Rita Castel

I only feel very sorry for Travis and his family!!

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