Patriotic 'Whole Again' Commercial Thanks Military Families in a Way We've Never Seen Before (VIDEO)

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military commercial jeep super bowlOut of the many 2013 Super Bowl commercials that got our attention and became major talkers last night, one in particular stood out. Not only because it had a lot of heart and got us teary, but because it sent a powerful message about our military, their families, and their impact on all of us as a country. It was the Jeep commercial, which Oprah lent her voice to.

If you missed it, it's one to check out, and if you happened to catch it, it's one to see again ...


Wow, right? It's not uncommon for companies to go with a patriotic theme for their Super Bowl ads, but this one was especially moving, because Jeep saluted our vets in an especially amazing way. By acknowledging that when their return home to be with their loved ones -- returning to that school or at that church or that warm bed -- makes us stronger as a nation. It's so true.

While I'm sure that message resonated especially with military wives and moms who were tuning in last night, really, who doesn't that message strike a nerve with? We all are so proud of our military and what they're accomplishing overseas, but we're all more complete when they're back.

It was particularly powerful, because it's something we don't talk about all that much. More often than not, we just skim the surface of the issue of servicemen and women being away from their spouses, children, parents, etc. We don't often acknowledge that them being home not only makes them "whole again" -- and us all as Americans "whole again." But this commercial did, and for that, it was definitely one of the most moving.

How did you feel about this ad?


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nonmember avatar EMommy

It made me tear up, my husband is currently serving a 9 month tour in Afghanistan. This touches on so much, both men and women being the ones at home, along with the crazy mix of emotions you go through when they're gone. Very powerful.

nonmember avatar Brianna

This is the first commercial to bring me to tears, I fear everyday that my husband will be deployed, God bless those who are and their families.

Snake... Snakecharmer76

This makes me teary! I'm a military spouse and endured an 8 month deployment when my husband went to Afghanistan. That feeling of 'wholeness' when your spouse returns from a deployment is hard to put into words for the general public...this add (although a bit hoaky) does a good job of showing that.

Elizabeth Merkle Conner

I started bawling...forget teary. My husband just left on Friday for a very rough year of deployments... It was on 36 hours of notice so it really close to home, still in the adjustment stage. Prayers going out to my fellow spouses and their service members, may they make it home safe & sound!

nonmember avatar Debi Barnes

This commercial really hit home. My son deployed to Afghanistan and thank God he came home safe. After only being home five months he was reassigned to Japan. On Saturday, 2 February 2013, his wife Sydney gave birth to my first grandchild, Sylas. Being in the military you do miss so much. I would give anything in the world to hold my new grandson but pictures will have to do. I understand how it feels because not only am I a Army mom to SGT Josh Hall but I am also retired United States Navy. Love you Josh, Sydney, and my new grandson Sylas....

Bobbi Hardee Grant

I agree. Forget teary, I just cried like a baby! After 10 deployments for my husband in 10 years, half to Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern area, I am thankful that he came home safe and sound each time. I can't watch a military homecoming without being moved! Thank you to all of those serving - including those at home, missing their loved one!

Peggy Sheets

Have a daughter in Germany, US Army bandsman, not as bad as if she were in harms way, but she did give birth to twin girls in Nov. If you do not have skype, please get it and use it. We skype with her every sunday, get to see the girls and talk to them. It is a great comfort. Hope all of the above family members come home safely. Thank you for your service and thanks to the loved ones for their support!

Megankae Megankae

I shouldn't have watched. My husband is deployed right now, its been about 10 months since he's been home. I did the ugly cry, so thanks. haha 

It was very sweet, and it really really really hit home for me personally.

nonmember avatar Judy

Great commercial but very painful for a gold-star mom (I lost my son while he was serving) So I cried all the way through because my son wont be coming home. :(

Marc Lindshield

While I support all of the previous comments - I have mixed emotions over the Ad.

Chrysler punctuated TWO poignant realities of our American Lives in this Ad and the Dodge Ad featuring Paul Harvey's essay on the American Farmer. Both of the messages conveyed by media icons shine a spotlight on individual hardships - but is it appropriate to exploit these hardships to market a product?

While it's not difficult to draw the line from the heartfelt stories to the Chrysler Corporations products... is it appropriate to capitalize on these stories when we are experiencing a time when more and more of their products are being built outside the US? Jeep is investing significant amounts of money in the development of assembly plants in China and Japan. I for one believe ti would seep a bit more congruent to punctuate these Ads with a factual policy to maintain the assembly plants here in the United States and developing a Hiring program dedicated to recruiting and Hiring discharged Veterans rather than shipping the jobs overseas?

~ One mans opinion!

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