Bar Refaeli's Bizarre Kissing Commercial & More Sexy Super Bowl Ads That Went Too Far (VIDEOS)

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Superbowl AdLast night, my 8-year-old daughter was watching the Super Bowl with her father when the now-infamous Go Daddy ad came on.

As sexy supermodel Bar Refaeli french kissed a computer geek in an uncomfortable close-up shot, my daughter watched critically. "That woman would never kiss him in real life," she commented.

A few minutes later, her neighbor friend, also 8, came over. "Did you see the Go Daddy ad?" she squealed when she arrived. Later, my husband told me about my daughter's and her friend's reaction to the ad. I was mortified.

Year after year, these Super Bowl ads go way too far.

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Since we're all adults, here's the Go Daddy ad, in case you missed it.

I'm not opposed to sexy commercials in general IF they're playing during shows that are clearly meant for adults. I don't let my kids watch prime time television for a reason. There's nothing there that they need to see, from the programming to the commercials.

But the Super Bowl is a family event. Everyone watches it, from the oldest member in the family right down to the youngest. Advertisers know this, and I think they owe it to us to keep things family-friendly.

I didn't mind the beer ads at all this year -- the topics and the product being sold in those ads went completely over my kids' heads. But I'm not happy that my daughter saw the Go Daddy ad, and I'm very glad that she was out of the room during the Calvin Klein ad, which was a 30-second ogle fest of a man's torso in tight underwear.

I mean, seriously, Calvin Klein. Our grandmothers were watching. Was that really necessary?

It's not so much the guy's muscles that I would have been opposed to my kids seeing in this particular ad. It's the underwear. We teach our young children that it's inappropriate to let anyone see your underwear. I would have had to "explain" this commercial to them. NOT FUN. I. Just. Want. To. Watch. The. Game. In. Peace.

What do you think about last night's sexy Super Bowl ads? Did your kids see them? How did they react?


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lulou lulou

I expect this from superbowl ads.  What I didnt expect was the dirty Liz Taylor movie ones during the abc "FAMILY" 25 days of Christmas movies.

the4m... the4mutts

i had a full reply typed out, then my phone went screwy and restarted itself. Grr.

Long comment short:

Its underwear. The world doesnt need to accomidate your morals, or make sure your house rules are followed.

As for the godaddy commecial, i would be more concerned by the fact that your daughter noticed how the guy looked compared to the girl. She seems quite shallow for an 8yr old

kebrowni kebrowni

The first commercial was gross in a laughable way and the CK one was hot. Your daughter is shallow and you're a prude. People like you are the ones that ruin things for the rest of us.

jagam... jagamama0710

I am also more concerned about what your daughter said. Geez. 

I didn't see the godaddy until just now (we're not a football family). It was tamer than everyone was making it out to be. lol I thought it was going to be this horribly disgusting commercial. Unnecessary and ridiculous? Absolutely. All of their commercials are. It wasn't that bad though and I definitely don't expect commercials during the superbowl to be family friendly. 

nonmember avatar Carole

Sounds like you took what should have been an opportunity to talk with your daughter about judging people based on their appearances, and instead used it to whine about everything in the world not being family friendly and tailored for YOU.

bella... bellacazzate

What started as a sanctimonious post quickly became a sanctimonious rash of comments. 

Melis... MelissaListens

Yeah, the Calvin Klein one was meh. I have seen worse. And it's a Calvin Klein ad. They have always been a little racy. As far as the GoDaddy one?? That was just uncomfortable.

missusmc missusmc

Maybe it is judgmental, but by and large women that beautiful rarely voluntarily make out with men who look like that.  I know it's more common for the woman in a relationship to be the more attractive one, rather than the man being more attractive, but that's the way it is.  Her child was just making an honest observation.

nonmember avatar c, wills

He could do better.

Andrea Gioppo Angileri

Since I hardly pay attention when football plays, I really like to think that my kids don't. Maybe the commercials weren't that kid-friendly, but considering that the SuperBowl marketing is mainly towards adults I wouldn't expect it to be. Everybody's talking about the GoDaddy ad that was pushing it, but really that is a real live person that we are poking fun of. I mean he has a name and it's not on the credits of 'Revenge of the Nerds'. I do admire your attempts to guard innocent eyes, it is an extremely time consuming and difficult thing to do, and way too late for me. I have a harder time with adults who talk adult topics around little kids. Chances are kids heard a lot more corrupt things than they saw if they were hanging around the living room during the SuperBowl. My kids eyes were on their iPods and DS's where they belong.

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