Woman Says Man Demanded Oral Sex Inside Bed Bath & Beyond (VIDEO)

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Guys, I have some news for you. The "beyond" part of Bed, Bath & Beyond does not mean sex. It means, like, kitchen utensils. But one man apparently thought otherwise as he approached a woman in one of the stores in Texas, and suddenly demanded oral sex. Guys, more news. This only works in porno films.

The woman, Kathleen McMillen, says she was browsing the aisles of BBB when she noticed a young man staring at her. Then the man suddenly approached her and said:

You heard me, I’d suggest you suck my ****.

Not too surprisingly, Kathleen failed to take the man up on his offer and instead began screaming. Scarier than the man's unwanted proposition was the alleged fact that no one in the store came to her aid, including a clerk who told her he was "busy with another customer." Gee, thanks, buddy!

Kathleen said she finally found a manager who took down her description of the man, but he'd already slipped away from the store. Kathleen is still rattled by the incident, saying:

He could have overtaken me. He could’ve done something and there was no one. There was absolutely no one, and no one seemed to really care.

Kathleen, we care! Writing about it, ain't I? Anyway, I guess what we have here is either a real jerk or a future (or current) sex offender -- or both. Certainly what no one wants to encounter at any time, let alone while shopping for bed sheets.

Guys like this need to get their act together. It's like those dudes who scream obscenities at you from a moving car. Does that really work? Does any woman ever actually approach their car and say, "Well, sure, I'd love to do you. Thanks for asking!"

I hope this guy's behavior doesn't escalate.

Image via KHOU.com

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abra819 abra819

Nobody gives a crud about anybody anymore..such a shame

Vegeta Vegeta

I tell people to suck my dick all the time if they say something rude or whatever. I don't expect them to actually do it. I think this lady may have changed what really happened in her version.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Lol Vegeta....why does your comment not surprise me?

Vegeta Vegeta

Because I'm cute and you love me?

PonyC... PonyChaser

What ever happened to a good old fashioned smack across the face? If a guy said that to me like he supposedly said it to her, that's what he'd get. Or some snarky remark designed to cut him down to the actual size that he really is. Standing in a store screaming does nothing except project just how helpless some people are.

small... smallfryes

Really?!  She was confronted by a man who demanded oral sex and instead of telling him to f*** off, or something like, 'really...does that line actually work,' or if he had advanced on her, kicking him in the nuts, she instead chose to start screaming?!

Look, I'm not blaming the victim here.  But that's because there shouldn't even be a victim here.  Maybe it was because I grew up in North Hollywood, but I don't know how many times I was 'demanded' something, from the age of 12 on (I am now 49 so we're talking about the 70's here).  I never screamed.  I just told them where to go or my favorite line, 'whatever,' while walking away.

My husand grew up in Los Angeles after the age of 13, and he was routinely approached by men (or as he called them back then, the old queers, back when it was okay to say that) who would drive up to him off the street and ask him to suck them off or if they could go down on him. 

Come on people - or more precisely, Kiri - no one cared but you do by writing about it?!  No one cared because nothing actually happened except some guy got delusions of grandeur.  LOL!  And yes, he probably did watch too many bad porn movies.  He probably has a continual track of the 'chicka wah wah' music going through his head.

And btw, if she was so traumatized by this whole thing, why did she go to the media the same day as the police?

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

The way he allegedly said it is also very strange. "You heard me, I'd suggest you suck my ----." I almost wonder if it could have been a dare or something stupid like that.

sunmo... sunmoonandstar

Plus I mean watching too many pornos would be more like "Hey baby you're lookin pretty good, you like ----? I got a nice one here you could suck on." Or something? Lol

nonmember avatar VegnRN

Did anyone check to see if he had a Bluetooth earpiece in? That comment really sounded like part of a conversation, not a random phrase.

hexxuss hexxuss

Really? Screaming?  I agree with the Bluetooth comment - that sounds more reasonable.  But back to the screaming bit... REALLY!!!??  Good lord they've trained the victims well in our nation eh?  How about a good "come one step closer & you'll be wearing your testicle for earrings" type comment!?

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