Reporter Shuts Down Drunk Heckler ... By Asking About Her 'STD'?!? (VIDEO)

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reporter stdIn the clip you're about to see, at first, you're going to feel bad for the pretty newscaster. See, she's just trying to do her job when up comes a drunk heckler, interrupting her segment, trying to get on camera. "Heeeeeyyyy!!! I'm from California!!!" the girl who's clearly inebriated says, Solo cup in hand. "49s!!!" It's rude and seems like an incredibly annoying thing to deal with if you're a reporter. (Though I guess it's to be expected if you're in New Orleans around Super Bowl time.)

But your sympathy may or may not fade after you see the reporter's response. "How long have you had an STD?" she asks the girl without as much as a nanosecond's thought.

And the girl gets pissed. But the reporter keeps going, saying, "It's nothing to be ashamed of." This is just weird, you guys. Check it out:

I 100 percent laughed when I saw this, and found the girl interrupting the segment rude as all get out. But to pull out the STD card? Damn! It's certainly funny, but this is live TV. And she's a newscaster! Shouldn't this woman have been a little more ... professional?

Not sure what her bosses are going to think of how she chose to handle the situation. It's certainly amusing, but yikes -- not sure it was the best thing to do on television.

What do you think of how this reporter chose to handle this heckler?

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nonmember avatar CrystalMP

that is hilarious! I hope her employers don't get too mad about it, it's not like she got angry or anything.

LostS... LostSoul88

I'm sorry but that was just wrong

dreamsky dreamsky

Ha ha ha the heckler had the nerve to say " that's so disrespectful"

Bloom... Bloomie79

That's fantastic! If you don't want to be embarrassed on live tv then he some respect for the newscaster... Lesson learned I hope. 

nonmember avatar MJ

Guess what Jessica Sanchez? You are the dumbest reporter. This woman has a very strong case to sue you for slander. You are a moron!

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

That's actually hilarious! I would never jump in front of a news report so she's the disrespectful one. The reporter thought of a good way to get her away haha!

Sierr... SierraLynn

LMAO!!!! That was awesome!


Ms Sanchez should find another line of work if she can't handle it. I wonder how many times she has shoved a mic in someone's face when they didn't want to be bothered. The woman has a very good case against the reporter. I didn't find it funny.

Yep, she's drunk but what do want during super bowl and Mardi Gras co-mingling?

Cari Poissant

I hope her bosses give her a raise!!!! That was perfect!!!

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Bahahaha!! Perfect! I hate obnoxious drunks!

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