Birth Control Mix-Up Results in a Baby & Parents Sue Clinic for Child Support

birth control vitaminsSo imagine you get a prescription for birth control pills, but when you go to pick them up, what you actually get are prenatal vitamins. But you take them anyway, believing they're your birth control, and nine months later, you have a baby and you decide to sue. Well, someone did that.

A couple is suing the clinic they claim gave them prenatal vitamins instead of the mother's prescribed birth control pills. They want the clinic to pay the costs for raising their child. Can anyone guess why I'm scratching my head over this story? DINGDINGDINGDINGDING! Correct, because birth control pills are teeny tiny and prenatal vitamins are the size a bus -- so why the hell wouldn't they notice the difference?!?


Keep in mind, the woman suing has another child. So you'd think she'd be familiar with the dramatic size difference between the pill and the vitamin. Unless there are new, tiny prenatal vitamins out there on the market I don't know about? Or do some birth control pills come in extra-large? Am I insane, or does this story just not hold up?

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But that's just me. A court threw out their case because under these circumstances, it would be too easy to commit fraud (lie about what really happened) and exploit clinics like the one in question. You can sue a clinic after a failed sterilization -- easy to prove you got that surgery, easy to prove you got knocked up. But the pills ... that's a little harder to prove to a court.

Anyway, the couple appealed the ruling and another court said they could sue for smaller things like "pain and suffering." But even IF the clinic really did screw up the prescriptions, I still think the couple needs to take responsibility for not catching on to that mistake sooner. People, if your prescription looks off, say something! Even pharmacists make mistakes.

Do you think the couple should be suing for the cost of raising their unplanned child?


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