Dog Sentenced to Death ... for Being Gay!?! (PHOTO)

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People do some bizarre things to animals, and here comes a doozy from Tennessee. The owner of a white pit bull mix surrendered his dog to local animal control. Not because of the usual reasons -- dog was aggressive or family was having a baby or moving or all the standard excuses -- but because the dog was, get this, "gay." What in the sam hell?!?!

The dog came into the Jackson, Tennessee shelter after his owner observed him "hunched over" another male dog and concluded that the dog must be "gay"! Naturally, this intelligent (sarcasm) person didn't want a "gay" dog, so he gave him up to be euthanized.

While there have been reports of homosexual behavior in the animal world, in all likelihood, this dog was unneutered and showing dominance. Or just playing around. And even if he WAS gay, is that any reason for a death sentence?!

Because this is a high kill shelter with little available space, the pup was scheduled to be put down by 1 p.m. today. However, the media picked up on the story and outrage ensued. Several groups volunteered to get the dog -- one even vowing to sleep outside the shelter until the doors opened in the morning.

I called the shelter and the dog has indeed been rescued. Just who rescued the pooch is unclear at this time, but I'll update if I can confirm. Being labeled "gay" ended up being the best thing that could have happened to this poor dog.

While it's awesome news that his life was spared, unfortunately millions of other dogs just like him -- who weren't labeled "gay" and therefore didn't make the news -- will die. People, do NOT get an animal if you aren't prepared to care for it for LIFE. And that means even if you think your pet is "gay."

Hopefully this baby will get adopted -- by a tolerant family.

Can you believe this owner?

*Editor's note: ABC News is reporting that a woman named Stephanie Fryns has adopted the dog, whom she describes as friendly, and whom she has named "Elton."

Image via Jackson Rabies Control

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blunt... bluntcakes

I saw this on tumblr thanks to a pit bull blog I follow and I just can't believe the nerve of some people. I learned all about unconditional love from my two pit bulls and any other dog I've ever met so I don't know how this beautiful dogs owner could do that to him.

LostS... LostSoul88

Gay hating bigots should be put down 

amber... amberdotsmom

This guy really shouldn't own ANY dog - dogs have pack behavior, humping is a way to dominate and a dog that hasn't been fixed, especially an alpha will hump anything - that's really doggy 101 for any owner, if he doesn't know that or doesn't get it I'd suggest moving on to gold fish.  Wonder what he would have done if he caught this dog humping the couch, or God forbid, his owners leg?

nonmember avatar krelia

And what about the other dogs in the shelter that need great homes? Oh, gotta be the hero and rescue the "gay" dog.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Wonder what he'd do it his kid were gay?

Bella... Bella3576

I can't believe that sick, ignorant bastard. Dogs do that to express their dominance; it's not a sexual thing with them. I have two male dogs, a Jack Russell/Beagle mix who is 3 yrs old and a Black Lab/Australian Shepard mix who is 6 years old and about 4 times the size of my Jack Russell but my Lab is very passive and my other one tries to dominate him even though it doesn't work and is very funny to watch. This guy should never be allowed to own any kind of animal not even a goldfish, and so what if indeed his dog was gay, that kind of ignorance and intolerance should be shot cause you can't fix stupid. Before you become a pet parent, you should research the breeds of dogs you're interested in and also canine behavior in general and realize exactly what you are in store for. My dogs are my children and are probably the most spoiled dogs on planet earth and I love them more than life itself but I also understand them and certain things that they do because I took the time to research and learn about them. I even learned how to do CPR on my dogs and I have a dog drug and health book so I know what I can do for them on my own. I'm a registered nurse but my dogs have taught me so much and in a lot of ways they are just like us. I hate stupid, ignorant people like this jackass.

Blues... Blueshark77

It makes me sick what TN is turning into. This poor dog faces death, they are trying to make it against the law to say "gay" at school while also having teachers tell parents if they think their child is gay, taking food away from poor kids if they aren't doing well enough in school. There are parts of my home state I miss, but the way things are shaping up there it's good I'm no longer there or will bring up my kids there.

Babyg... Babygirlsmom112

My dog's are female, they go at it all the time. His owner is a a dumb ass.

nonmember avatar anonymous

Shouldn't that read, what the sam hill? Not hell?

nonmember avatar melmcl

My dog is a dominant dog - he humps all dogs. Sometimes, he even humps their heads. He's a dog - dog's don't care who, what, or where. Some of them are just crazy nuts like mine.

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