Mom Busted Selling 6-Year-Old for Sex After Unlikely Hero Turns Her In

Dalina Nicholas
Dalina Nicholas
The mother who sold her 6-year-old daughter to pedophile drug dealers to get money for drugs won't be doing that again any time soon. Dalina Nicholas has pleaded guilty and she's facing 15 to 30 years in a Florida prison. And it's all thanks to someone rather unexpected.

The man who rescued Nicholas' daughter from a life of horrible abuse at the hands of her own mother was a complete stranger to her. In fact, he was a man society has more or less forgotten.


He was, well, is homeless.

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But when it came time to be a knight in shining armor for a little girl in desperate need of rescuing, the unidentified man was there all the same. He flagged down a cop and told him he saw the following:

Nicholas tells the victim to take off her clothes and lay on a mattress in the living room, saw the suspect give Nicholas $20, and then perform oral sex on the victim.

Chilling stuff, but as the public service announcements say, it takes someone who sees something to say something.

And thank goodness he did. This little girl has been rescued from a life where her mother was a crack addict so lost in addiction that she would literally hand her child over to dealers so they could have sex with her.

Nicholas will likely be in prison so long that she will never have even a shot in hell of regaining custody, giving this child a real chance of getting therapy, getting help, and hopefully living a normal life.

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That's an incredible gift for someone to give a child, especially a child they didn't know. And I can't help thinking about the bravery it took for this man to speak out. Speaking out likely brought attention to himself, something the homeless population is known to shy away from. And speaking out to a cop in particular must have been difficult. The homeless and the police tend to have a rather fraught relationship. He didn't know what this could mean for him. Could it have gotten him in trouble? Who knows.

The point is, this man saw a child being hurt, and he didn't think of himself. He thought of her. He rescued her.

If only there were more knights like him in this world.

If you could say something to this man today, what would it be?


Image via Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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