Sandy Hook Elementary Super Bowl Performance Is Not Exploitation (VIDEO)

Sandy Hook On Sunday, 26 children from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, will sing at the Super Bowl to honor the 26 children and educators who were killed in the horrific Newtown massacre last month.

The kids will sing “America the Beautiful” live just before before Alicia Keys performs the national anthem.

For many who tune into the Super Bowl, it will be a highlight. Hell, I would be more likely to tune in now because of this beautiful tribute. But some at called it exploitative, a means to get better ratings and use the Sandy Hook kids to do so. But is it? In the YouTube video below, singer Ingrid Michaelson leads the children in a rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” It's beautiful.


I get the complaint that it could be construed as exploitative, but the NFL has actually been connected to Sandy Hook since it happened.

First they held a moment of silence before each game in the week after Newtown. Players wore the names of the victims on various articles of their clothing, and there was always an air of sadness and respect. So why wouldn't they have the kids perform at the Super Bowl? It's a national, fun event, and while we have HAD to move on as a country, it also says that we're still grieving. It says the kids are in our hearts and that we haven't forgotten.

There is nothing wrong with that sentiment. It's true.

The Super Bowl may be just football, but it's one time each year when most of the US is focused on one certain thing. Why shouldn't we pay tribute to our national sense of grief and outrage?

It's not political. It's not exploitative. I am sure the kids are excited and happy to be there. A kind anonymous donor even paid for their trips.

It's too bad people have to be so cynical about such a beautiful tribute.

Do you think this is wrong?


Image via YouTube

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