Woman Reportedly Groped in Hospital Bed by Patient Who Is a Convicted Sex Offender (VIDEO)

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hospital bedImagine you're in a hospital. You've been asleep, and slowly you wake up. Someone is touching you. A doctor? But you're being touched in places where a doctor totally does NOT need to touch you. OMG -- you're being groped by a stranger!

So that happened. A woman says she woke to someone sexually assaulting her while being treated in a hospital emergency room. Her brother testified in court that she was on medication at the time. She screamed, and hospital staff arrived and caught the guy immediately. In fact, he made it easy for them.

The victim, who is remaining anonymous, says the alleged groper (another patient at the hospital) used his hands, and that when she screamed, he didn't try to run away. Here's how her brother described the horrible incident: "She didn't know what was going on. She just woke up and this man was groping her. When she woke up, she said she saw the guy touching her private parts."


So this happened at 4:00 in the morning, and I can understand how a hospital might want to keep things quiet. But why didn't anyone else notice? Creepy. And NOT good for your health.

Astonishingly, the accused groper is a registered sex offender. He was free to roam the hospital because why not? What could possibly go wrong??? Call me crazy, but maybe you should try and keep an eye on a patient with a sex offender record.

But it's a good thing the same guy who's sick enough to molest a sleeping patient (allegedly) is also sick enough to let himself get caught. He's in court facing charges of forcible touching and sexual assault in the third degree.

What would you do if you woke up in a hospital to someone groping you?


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nonmember avatar Lilac

Unfortunately sex offenders have "rights" too. What was the hospital going to do? Handcuff him to the bed? Lock him in a room? Its illegal to do that.

nonmember avatar tara

This is particularly directed at the blogger, not the story. Are you honestly trying to pin blame on the hospital? Maybe you've never been to the ER at 4am, but the staff is limited. And while he is a registered offender, I'm assuming he didn't announce it to the staff.

nonmember avatar Becky

Maybe we should keep an eye on our sex offender patients? Oh right. Maybe we should have them bring their criminal records when they check in, along with their insurance cards. We don't have access to that stuff, you know. Blame the jerk who assaulted the woman , NOT the hospital.

Hospital worker (not parole officer)

nonmember avatar Kris

Because that's not totally biased is it? ALL sex offenders are horrible child molesters and rapists right? WRONG. There are people who are registered sex offenders because they peed in a bush on the side of the road. There are people who are sex offenders (whether they engaged in sexual conduct or not) because a teenage girl lied about her age. Not every sex offender is a hideous beast that gropes and rapes and anyone that categorizes them all together like that needs a serious reality check.

nonmember avatar phoenix

Ya know, i've been in the hospital at 4 am, and it was always buzzing with people. But it's not like they treat it as a lockdown area, so if someone wants to cause trouble they can...ugh. More reasons to always try to get someone to go with you anytime you're at the hospital!

velve... velvetheart83

Maybe it's a better idea to use your brain. Keep an eye on offenders with Risk and previous crimes of that nature.  You're lumping all sex offenders into the same category to all be treated, or mistreated the same way. The same list your kids have a high probability to land on if they date with the incorrect age difference, or fall in love too early like most of their ancestors likely did.

It's not right that she was in this situation, and they should know who is wandering the halls at night and why. Everyone is entitled to medical care,  but with the very limited staff, and overflow of patients, you can't honestly expect someone to be guarding your room like you're better than the other patients? Bring someone with you, most people do anyway.  You go to the hospital for medical attention, not babysitting.  Blame the guy, not the hospital, End of story.

velve... velvetheart83

As for the blogger, your words reach so many people, Why not learn the truth about sex offenders and what the scarlet title really means, and how easy it is to land yourself on it. So the next time you get to blog about this type of thing, you can appropriately title the "villain" in the story rather than addressing him like 1 part of a collective that goes around doing this all the time.  

Just as with race, religion, sexual preference has no place in the story, convictions should not either. You wouldn't say:

"Woman Reportedly Groped in Hospital Bed by Patient Who Is a Christian"  


"Woman Reportedly Groped in Hospital Bed by Patient Who Is a Chinese Man"


"Woman Reportedly Groped in Hospital Bed by Patient Who Is a Lesbian"

Your title is no different in offense than those above, but you wouldn't use those. The fact that it even occurred if the important part, personal details for who did it, unless still at large, has nothing to do with the fact that it happened.


jalaz77 jalaz77

Usually it is not known if they are a sex offender. It's never in the charts cause it has nothing to do with the care the offender will recieve. So they probably never knew. Don't go to the ER alone anyways cause if you don't have a ride and are given narcotics after we tell you not to drive, then you choose to drive the cops will be called and you will be busted with a DUI. Obviously this happens when you electively come to the ER. Not counting an ambulance ride or flown in, cause you will have to call for a ride if discharged in those cases.

tinke... tinkerxbell

While filling out paper work at doctors offices and hospitals, I've never been asked "are you a registered sex offender? I'm assuming that my friends and family haven't been asked that either. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this guy wasn't asked if he was one either. How exactly is the hospital at fault?

Kelly Cardenas

With anything to do with medical care patients don't come in with a sheet on their criminal history. There's no way the hospital knew so how is it their fault.

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