Bombs Found in Bunker Make 5-Year-Old Ethan's Rescue Even More Miraculous (VIDEO)

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ethan rescuedWhat a difference a day -- or two -- makes. Less than 48 hours ago, 5-year-old Ethan was being held captive in an underground bunker by deranged Vietnam vet Jimmy Lee Dykes; earlier today, the rescued Alabama boy was "running around his hospital room, putting sticky notes on everyone that was in there, eating a turkey sandwich, and watching SpongeBob," (according to Dale County Schools Superintendent Donny Bynum).

Of course Ethan is excited -- not only is he finally free again, he's also got his 6th birthday party to plan. A birthday which Ethan is incredibly lucky to be celebrating, particularly considering what FBI agents found in that bunker earlier today ...

"Crude homemade bombs" were in that bunker, "at least one" of which was located in the plastic pipe police used to communicate with Dykes. So rescuing Ethan by storming the bunker was definitely a risky move -- but it also turned out to be the best possible move authorities could have made. Can you imagine how tragically this tale might have ended if their timing were wrong?

Thankfully their timing was perfect. And Ethan is perfect. And the party he's planning will no doubt be the most perfect birthday bash of his life.

Do you think FBI agents were extremely lucky to time Ethan's rescue so perfectly?

Image via ABC

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Renee... ReneeN1979

I think it's the job of professionals far smarter than I am to wonder if they were lucky in their timing. My only thought on this matter is that God was truly giving that family a blessing.

Karla C. Mulrenan

Yeah god gave that family a blessing by allowing a nut to shot an innocent man and have an innocent boy kidnap just to, just to give him back to his parents......

nonmember avatar NoWay

@Karla ... well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine this morning. Yes, the family suffered a nightmare, but fortunately they have their son back unharmed (physically anyhow). It could have been a lot worse for them and the boy.

nonmember avatar Christy

She might have made the point a bit more delicately, but Karla is right. What in the world does God have to do with this? Not a thing.

nonmember avatar nikolivolkov

Kaela, God doesn't give us more than we can handle. And just because there's evil in the world does not negate a blessing. Often times its our darkest hour when God sends his light. Choosing to blame or question a higher being when evil happens is sincerely lacking in faith. Yes bad things happen to good people but its how we handle those bad things through faith and grow from them which define us. I truly believe there's a reason for everything even if I don't understand it. Maybe that little boy will grow up to become a police officer due to this incident and save countless lives. Or just maybe everyone who hears this story will big their babies tighter and appreciate them more.

nonmember avatar jalen

There is absolutely nothing that pisses me off more than hearing someone say that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Why do people commit suicide? Why do countless people take Xanax, Paxil, Valium, or a host of other drugs to get through a day? Because it's more than they can handle!! I do believe in God, but He has nothing to do with the evil choices people make, and isn't deciding who can handle how much. That's asinine.

nonmember avatar Christy

@nikoliv, if that's true, why is there a suicide problem in this country?

Courtnut Courtnut

Why do babies die of cancer? Yes he certainly does give people more than they can handle. If god is real, its my opinion that he's a jerk. He was off allowing some person to with the lottery while shielding his eyes when a mad man got on a school bus. Just saying. Its always gods fault if it turns out good. That's stupid.

nonmember avatar nikolivolkov

I've lost a baby, it wasn't to cancer but it did make me question God at the time. I know he had a reason and I now have a beautiful little girl who I cherish as much as the babe who passed. I also lost my mother at the age of fifteen which was and still is very hard and we lost my brother in law to cancer just a few short years ago, he left behind my sister and two neices and is missed dearly. I'm not speaking from a place of judgement, but from personal experience. I have faith that the people I've lost are now somewhere better. I don't know why they were taken by disease only that I must hold those still in my life closer and tell them I love them every day. As for suicide rates, I've never witnessed a suicide where someone didn't say it was unnecessary or that they wished they had done more. Perhaps if we all did more for our fellow people and lived as neighbors as God intended people would not choose this route. Noones was made to live or suffer alone in Gods plan. Again, the presence of evil does not negate Gods love. Death is unfortunately a part of life and even when a baby passes we need to thank God for the time given with these angels however brief. They are loved. We should do more and appreciate what we are given.

nonmember avatar Christy

Nik, I'm so sorry for all of the heartache you've been through, but I think you missed the point. God often gives people more than they can handle. How else do you explain someone committing suicide?

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