Girl Found Locked in Cage & Woman Trying to Adopt Her May Be to Blame

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box cagePrepare to be absolutely disgusted by a recent, totally revolting story out of New Mexico ... A woman named Cindy Patriarchias and her boyfriend, Edmond Gonzales, locked up an 8-year-old girl with developmental disabilities in a wooden cage, then left her alone while they headed out with Patriarchias' three other children to an elementary school to watch a movie, police said today. The disturbing situation was unveiled to authorities by Patriarchias' estranged husband, who learned that the girl was unattended at the family's mobile home. Ughh.

When the cops got to the home, they discovered a "large homemade wooden cage in the corner of a bedroom with the girl inside." The cage was described as having "two latches on the door, a baby crib's mattress inside, and was about 2 1/2 feet wide and 4 feet inches tall," according to police. And oh, yeah, there are even MORE stomach-turning details ...

The police explained to the Associated Press that Patriarchias had actually been trying to adopt the girl, who suffers from microcephaly (a condition that causes people to develop with an abnormally small head). But she hadn't been able to reach the girl's birth mother to get her consent.

UH, thank goodness for that! Wouldn't be surprised if the universe was at play here, standing in the way of this adoption, because in the wake of what went down here, it sounds like just about the worst possible idea EVER. How in the world could this woman think she was a fit parent? Who in their right mind would do something like this to ANY child?

The only silver lining: Police said the girl didn't appear to have any physical injuries, and she was placed under the care of New Mexico's child-protection agency.

Anyone who is remotely human realizes what happened here is a total, real life nightmare -- for which there really is no excuse. With hope, Patriarchias and Gonzales will have to face the harshest punishment for their charges of negligently causing child abuse and, in Gonzales' case, negligently permitting child abuse. Fingers crossed they continue to be kept far away not only from this poor girl but other children, who could be in danger, as well.

How sick and crazy is this? Can you believe Patriarchias was about to adopt the girl?

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craft... craftycatVT

The title of this article is confusing. It sounds like the would be mother found the child locked in a cage somewhere.

rhps2000 rhps2000

It is confusing. She probably wanted to adopt her to get money from social security or something.

BirdCo BirdCo

The article titles have been going down hill lately.

ladyb... ladybumblebee

I didn't find the title confusing at all, but I do want to know if the 3 biological children were taken as well.  I'd hope and guess they have, however, I have seen enough where I would not be surprised if they weren't.  Thoughts and prayers to the children.

shell58 shell58

They ned to be locked in a small cage for a few months and given bread and water.


rose2691 rose2691

I'm guessing they want the money from the govt since she has a disability.  That's my first thought.  

I hope all the kids were taken away from them.  What low-lifes!!

Mary Caudle

I agree with Rose2691, I think it was only for the money. I'm glad they found he before there was even more done to her and I hope they are checking her for signs of that


Loretta Perry-Dawson

Ok...who really cares about the title of the article when you read the rest? That is a horrible thing to do to a child and hopefully she will never be allowed to have custody of any children ever again!

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