Man Charged With 17th DUI Should’ve Been Locked Up YEARS Ago

beerWhen will they ever learn? A man in Quebec has been charged with his 17th DUI. Maurice Larrivee showed up at a grocery store at 8:45 Sunday morning and bought two cases of beer. When the check-out person noticed he was drunk, they tried to convince the 69-year-old man to find another ride home. When he refused, the store employees called the cops and he was arrested in the parking lot.

Two things. One, way to go grocery store employees, and two, how is there not some sort of mandated jail time once you get your fifth, or even tenth DUI?

This guy has gotten drunk then behind the wheel then caught sev-en-teen times. Either he has the worst luck in the world or 17 doesn't even begin to cover the amount of instances he's actually driven while drunk.

I have to say, I'm proud of the grocery store workers and how they handled the situation. A lot of people would've maybe said to the guy that he shouldn't drive home and then stopped short of calling the police because they didn't want to intrude or get too involved. It's great that these employees did the right thing and said something -- so many of us see, so few of us say.

At this point, I hope Larrivee gets some jail time. He had his license suspended for five years back in 2005 for a DUI charge -- clearly that didn't teach him a lesson. Now, it's time to lay down the hammer.

Every time he, or anyone, drives drunk, they're a danger to themselves and society. In the states, a person is killed by a drunk driver every 53 minutes -- it's a deadly habit this guy has and he needs to be taken off the roads, for good.

Hopefully the feds (or whatever they're called in Canada) agree.

Do you think he should face jail time?


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nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

As a Canadian citizen I 10000% agree. Our drunk driving laws are HORRIFIC- unless you kill someone, you barely ever get jail time. Just a suspended license and fines. It's disgusting.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

It's pretty amazing that the drunk-driving laws are so lenient in Canada, considering that if you are a U.S. citizen who has had a DUI, you are not allowed in Canada for up to 5 years following your DUI. That shit makes no damn sense.

Blues... Blueshark77

Even when they do decide to do something about it, it can already be too late. My friend's dad received his 4th DUI charge on a suspended license and was supposed to turn himself in for a 5 month prison sentence. He went out for one last night on the town, got drunk, ran from police and smashed into a guy's truck, severly injuring 2 men who were fortunately pulled out of the truck before it exploded. So yes, this guy needs to serve jail time before he kills someone. He obviously has a problem and doesn't care who he hurts. 

Nycti... Nyctimene

They tried to crack down on it by allowing police to issue license suspicions right on the spot where they bust drunks but everyone caught naturally whined to the courts and it was basically considered a violation of their rights and all the charges and suspensions were dismissed. *sigh* 

No one in law or politics takes DD seriously. Until the first time caught = loss of license forever then no one is going to get the idea. 

Angie... AngieHayes

Lock him up?!?! Are you crazy, they make too much money off people getting and paying for DUI's , oh, and not to mention, the people they hurt and kill, who have to be sent to the hospital!

Babyg... Babygirlsmom112

My sister was 71/2 months pregnant, when a unlicensed teen aged drunk driver crashed head on in to my sister's car. She got 2 yr's probation and alcohol classes. My nephew will never take his first breath and yet this girl is still breathing. I have no tolerance for drunk driver's, when you make that choice to drive you're taking away some one elses future.

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