Sarah Palin Dumped From Fox & It's Clear Her 15 Minutes Are Up

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Sarah Palin dumped from FoxThere was once a time where Sarah Palin was the queen of the news. Any story written about her went viral and any TV show featuring her was a success. But a series of gaffes, embarrassing blunders, and general media whore-ness caused her to fall from grace. Fastest. Perhaps the fastest of anyone in media history.

The latest news -- that Palin has been dropped from Fox News where she was a commentator -- isn't a surprise, but it does kind of represent the true end of the Palin era. She rose to stardom as a Vice Presidential candidate and she leaves it as a laughing stock. A rich one. But a laughing stock all the same.

See below:

So what happened? Palin happened. She is her own worst enemy.

First, her knowledge of policy, history, and general current events was shaky at best. She spent most of her time jabbing at President Obama and the media and chatting about things that only affect her. That folksy Alaska love actually turned out to be selfish narcissism with a healthy dose of over-confidence.

Bottom line: She just isn't that smart. She is business savvy and used her brand to do a whole lot, so kudos to her. But as a commentator or person we would look to as insightful, smart, or witty? Well, no. Sorry Sarah.

Just four years ago, Palin was on top. She was the author of a book that was a monster best-seller and starred in a TLC reality series about Alaska. Even her daughters were getting famous, Bristol Palin, especially. Bristol had her own reality show as well as a stint on Dancing With the Stars.

But it was after the Gabby Giffords shooting, when some commentators linked Palin to the tragedy, when she truly fell from grace. She accused those commentators of "blood libel" in an ill-advised statement where she looked both ignorant of history and selfish in the face of a tragedy.

It ended her. She lost so many fans.

In many ways, Palin IS a cautionary tale. She is wealthy, sure. But she is also an amusing anecdote, a national punchline. Personally, I wouldn't take millions of dollars over my dignity. But then, I am not Sarah Palin.

Do you think she will have a comeback?


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bills... billsfan1104

You were just waiting to gloat weren't you? Here is a woman that was defending herself from people like you when Gabby Giffords was shot, and she was still lambasted. Her time is up, I agree, but for you to gloat, still attack her and hate on you, shows what type of person you really are.

sassy... sassykat122

Billsfan...Sometimes i agree with you and sometimes i don't. This ones a little of both. Do i like palin, think she would be nice to know personally? Sure? The woman is smart in some areas, has raised good kids. But i also think she isn't as versed in current events or policy or history as a commentator should be.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I have never seen either of her shows, since I don't have cable tv. But I have been appalled at the way Sarah Palin has been treated in the press. Every word she uttered was twisted to fit their "Sarah's a stupid hick media whore" image. Where was the media outrage when Hillary Clinton affected a Southern-Black accent in a Black Church during a campaign, saying, "Ah don't feeeeel no-ways tahhhrrrd"? When she said that Gandhi used to run a gas station down in St. Louis". Had Sarah done the same thing she'd have been decimated. Hillary was treated to an indulgent smile and pat on the head with an "isn't she clever?" attitude.

Palin is as smart as any other person in media. Yes, she makes mistakes. But so do others. Her biggest mistake was being so loud and proud about her Conservatism. Unapolagetic about it, she drew more arrows than anyone else.

I don't know why she's parting ways with Fox, nor do I care. I wish her luck. Mostly, I pray for our country, which is currently in the iron grip of a severely compromised and biased media - one that knows it holds the power to destroy anyone. They've proven it over and over again. When will people wake up and understand this?

sand008 sand008

Media whore-ness?!?? Really?

Doomy234 Doomy234

As always, I gotta agree with PonyChaser. Sarah Palin isnt as stupid as the media made her out to be, but you can make anyone look stupid when you cut lines out of context. I like her, but I dont think she is cut out to be a news commenter. And I find it disgusting that they ground her into the dust about Gabby Giffords. Her only crime is that she isnt ashamed about who she is and for that she was labeled a "dumb hick" for her beliefs in combination with her accent.

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

I love the liberal obsession with Sarah Palin.  I guess she isn't a real woman because she didn't abort her Down's syndrome baby?  You all probably think Joe Biden is a genius.  It's okay to be snarky and dump on a conservative woman because when it comes down to it, liberals are bullies.  You bully minorities saying they aren't real fill in the blank for not holding the "correct" views, woman are bullied and called stupid and dumb for not holding the "correct" views, those against stricter gun control are accused of all sorts of heinous things, if a rich republican runs for office it must mean he is a criminal, never mind that the super-rich are more likely to be democrat (John Kerry has a bigger net worth then Mitt Romney)...liberalism is the playground bully of the political world.

Bloom... Bloomie79

Yawn... Liberals are bullies, conservatives are bullies, both sides have idiots talking out their ass. They're two sides of the same coin, anyone with an unfailing allegiance to either side is blind deaf and dumb.

hexxuss hexxuss

@Bloomie - you've made the most logical comment on this.  I'm glad if I never have to hear from/about her again - now if only we could shut every other politician up too!

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