Two Casey Anthony Convictions Overturned But Don’t Freak Out Just Yet

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casey anthonyOnce again, Casey Anthony has been found not guilty. An appeals court in Florida was tasked with deciding if Casey should've been convicted of four counts of lying to detectives during the investigation into her daughter Caylee's disappearance in 2009. If you'll remember, she was acquitted of the murder charges brought against her, but was slapped with four misdemeanours of lying to law-enforcement. Now, two of those convictions have been overturned.

Judges on the Court of Appeals found that, yeah, she may have told four separate lies, but her various false statements only count as two under the double jeopardy principle.

Even though Casey's gotten off yet again, there's still some good news for those of you out there who'd like to see her punished.

The fact that this appellate court hearing has finished up means that her civil suit can head to trial. Do you recall Zenaida Gonzalez? She's suing Casey for defamation -- Casey claimed it was "the nanny" Zenaida Gonzalez who kidnapped Caylee. She'd made up the name, but there's a real woman out there in Florida that shares the moniker and she wants payback for the pain Casey's caused.

That trial's set to start somewhere in August. Before that Casey and her lawyers might appeal the remaining two convictions of lying to law-enforcement.

Casey's been laying low since her murder acquittal and no one really knows where she is. She wasn't at the appeals court hearing, and I'm not sure if she'll need to be at the civil case this summer, but one thing's for sure: if all her convictions are overturned and she's found not guilty of defaming Zenaida Gonzalez, people are going to go nuts.

Many believed she murdered her daughter and want Casey to pay for Caylee's death, but by the way things seem to be turning out, she may get off 100 percent scot-free. Again.



Image via Pinnellas County Sheriff's Office

casey anthony


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rhps2000 rhps2000

That woman has the luck of the Devil.

WCURi... WCURiverRat

Someone will eventually take matters into their own hands and justice will finally be served.

The80s The80s

Caylee should have gotten her justice a long time ago. This woman DID kill her baby, but sadly, common sense is not evidence.

jkm89 jkm89

Ugh. Just looking at her ugly mug fills me with rage. She will get what's coming to her. Karma is a bitch and this clown is as low as they come!

nonmember avatar Peter

She was found innocent by 12 people who actually saw all of the evidence. Clearly they know more about this than I do - thank god the American people aren't able to try and convict individuals using only information presented by the media. If she "DID" kill her baby, it's unfortunate that no one was able to prove this.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

I think people need to move on already. She was found not guilty by a jury. If she did it, there wasn't enough evidence to prove it. There's not a whole lot anyone can do about it now.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

To the two previous commenters, even jury members have come forward to say they made a mistake. However, I do agree that it's over, nothing we can do. Good luck with the civil suit Zanny!

lasombrs lasombrs

I lived down the street from this women. Hopefully, some day, she will do something stupid like OJ did and spend a bunch of time in jail for sometyhing small and stupid.

rhps2000 rhps2000

I don't understand how her supporters need a smoking gun to see that she did it. And it sickens me that she got a tattoo saying the Beautiful Life and partying while her child was "missing". Pure evil. :(

lalab... lalaboosh

I think it's stupid that law enforcement can lie to get the results they want, but if the situation is reversed it's a crime. Honesty is a virtue, it should be embraced by us all.

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