Papa John's Robber Breaks Down During Holdup & His Story Will Make You Cry Too

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Papa John's PizzaIf you're going to live through a robbery at your place of employment, it probably can't get better than this. A robber showed up at a Papa John's Pizza joint armed with a knife and a plan to get all the cash out of the register. But somehow he walked out without any money -- but with a stomach full of pizza and chicken wings thanks to a kind-hearted clerk.

Consider this your "restoration of faith in humanity" story for the week. It's a good story -- all the better because it's completely unexpected.

The story goes that the robber walked into the pizza place around closing time, his face masked, armed with a knife, and did the whole "give me all your money" shtick that is bound to scare the ever-living you-know-what out of anyone working the register. But instead of freaking out and doing something stupid, the clerk noticed the robber had burst into tears.

He probably could have clobbered him then, laid him out, called 911, and been done with it. I have enough martial arts training behind me that I know when you see weakness is when you strike (to defend yourself only, of course). Most of us probably would have done it.

But this clerk didn't. He actually took the time to ask the guy who was robbing him if HE was OK. Out came a sob story about how the robber was flat broke and just desperate to feed his family.

The clerk could have stopped it right there. He could have said something about how he'd get two hots and a cot in prison, and called 911. Most of us would have ... but again, he didn't.

Instead he called on his co-workers to make the guy some pizza and wings to fill his belly. They got the guy to wait in the dining room, fed him, then sent him on his way with a full stomach, able to go out and hopefully do something worthwhile (and, ahem, legal) to feed his hungry family.

The moral here? Doing what everyone would do is perfectly acceptable -- no one would be bashing this clerk for calling the cops here. But sometimes it's doing what no one would expect you to do that really makes all the difference!

Would you have had the guts this clerk had to change this robber's life?


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Kimbyann Kimbyann

Take 5 minutes and correct your misspellings.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

Sending him to jail probably would have produced a hardened criminal. This could actually have good effects. Good on that cashier.

nonmember avatar DeAnna

This is sad, I wish there was no world hunger.

eupeptic eupeptic

There's a similar story on NPR's site about a man who shared some kind words and actions (including offering the guy his coat and dinner) with the person who was mugging him and the mugger had a change of heart about his actions.

Irela... Ireland69

I wish the world wouldn't be so greedy and evil.

nonmember avatar Kaycee

I probably would have crapped my pants & gave him the $$. Good for this cashier for taking the empathetic route. i think i would have been too scard to do what he did.

bills... billsfan1104

What happened to the starving family?

Gabri... Gabrielle1982

Did they send any food home with him to feed his family?

nonmember avatar Sue

He should be arrested not rewarded!

nonmember avatar THOMAS

GOD can step into any situation. HE is REAL.

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