Woman Sues Match.com After Being Brutally Attacked by Date (VIDEO)

match.comWhen Mary Kay Beckman was looking for love, she went to Match.com and met a man there named Wade Ridley. They went on a few dates, but after awhile, things weren't working out, so she broke up with him. A pretty common modern-day dating scenario ... until it became anything but.

When she broke up with him, he went crazy. And, according to KVVU-TV, one night in January 2011, he stabbed her in the face dozens of times, smashed her head with a rock, and stomped upon her face. Then he left for her dead.

Fortunately, she survived, but now she's seeking justice, and it's Match.com that she thinks should pay. She's filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the site because it didn't warn her that something like this could happen.

There's no doubt Ridley was evil. Less than a month after attacking Beckman, he met another woman through Match.com and killed her. He was sentenced to prison for murder where he later died.

But was the website responsible for telling her there are people out there like that in the world? I don't think so. Beckman's attorney, Marc Saggese, says the lawsuit is about "failure to warn". He says Match.com doesn't offer any kind of warning about the dangers of dating, and people feel a false sense of security. 

"Match does nothing to ensure the safety of its people, but you pay $30, you think you're getting some type of protection," Saggese said.

Really? I've never used Match.com, but I would think no such thing. It's online dating, and anyone can upload a profile. Just like any guy you meet a bar could be a bad seed, so too could anyone you meet online. So yes, we should remind ourselves and our friends that there are sick people out there and to use caution, but Match.com no more owes a warning to customers than a nightclub does.

It may be prudent in Match.com's case to add a warning; it can't hurt. But it's ridiculous to think that an absence of such a warning would have made any difference in this case at all.

Fox5vegas - Las Vegas woman sues Match.com

Do you think Match.com should have to pay in this case?


Image via KVUU-TV

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nonmember avatar blue

No way. A terrible thing happened to her, but she doesn't deserve this money. Not from them, or for the reasons stated. Just one of the many things wrong in our country.

jalaz77 jalaz77

No I do not. This is dating 101, common sense. So sad what she went through and not only her but the woman he killed...interesting number she and her lawyer came up with.

justj123 justj123

I HATE match.com. The first time I went on it I met a scammer who tried to cheat me out of $15,000 I was smart enough to figure out who and what he was before I fell for his stupid ploy. They kept after me and gave me a great deal about 6 months later so I joined again for three months and I would send winks to men that I hand picked myself.  Almost each one responded back to me however all they wanted was a sex only relationship nothing else.  No dating, no hanging out, no spending the night, no movie nights, no going out to eat just come over to my place have sex and leave.  To that I said "I do not think so" after my three months was over I got off and stayed off until this year when they offered me a free month.  I looked at the men and it seemed like different men were on the site.  So I signed up for the free month.  Again 3 guys contacting me right away I want to see you gotta have you but I do not want a relationship I just want sex only.  I have told each and everyone of them I am sorry I have a man for that.  

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

No way. It's a horrible situation. Especially since he murdered a woman right after he brutally attacke this woman. But it's common sense....can you sue a bar if you meet someone there and then go on a few dates afterwards and he attacks you? No, of course not.

tuffy... tuffymama

I feel horrible for what happened to her, but it doesn't give her the right to fleece others for simple bad luck. People really suck. We are so litigious now!

lovem... lovemyson1224

I agree with you and the others commenting. It is tragic what happened to her but match.com is not at fault.

EvasM... EvasMother

I totally agree with everyone, horrible it happened but it is not Match.com's fault. This can happen to anyone any where at any time, it is a sad reality.


nonmember avatar Dutchess

No, They dont owe her any money other than paying her hospital medical bills maybe.Online dating is becoming a thing of the internet past and I met my husband online about 10 years ago, today, no way. Unless you meet them through friends online or in some other online interest group, the only people out there left on actual dating sites are men that are looking for sex or money or are still living in moms basement unemployed. This is speaking from the female perspective of course. I have a male friend constatnly bombarded by fake and real women who are looking to scam him out of cash.

sofia... sofia0587

Definitely not the websites fault! Sad that happened to her but she doesn't deserve money for it

Albond86 Albond86

Was the website suppose to have a swami cap and magically predict this? When you're meeting someone you met online it is best to do so with caution! Lots of places offer a background check! Tragic she was so brutally beaten but it could have happened if she had met this guy any other way!

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