Mom Reportedly Helps Daughter Beat Up Her 12-Year-Old Rival (VIDEO)

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fight What is with parents today? We've got another case of a mom who went along to a pre-planned fight between her daughter and another child. Only this time police in Los Angeles say Amber Lee Gutierrez jumped into the fight and helped her 12-year-old daughter viciously beat another tween.

They're charging the mother with assault, and her bail is set at a whopping $100,000. Some might say it's a little much for a grizzly mama protecting her cub, but is it really?

The victim may have suffered a broken arm in the two-on-one attack, and Gutierrez is also accused of hurling a racial slur at the girl during the mom-on-kid fight. If it hadn't gone that far, maybe it would be just a mom trying to help her kid, but injuries qualified this as assault -- at least in the eyes of the cops.

Oh, and then there's this. The victim was 12 years old. Gutizerrez is 33. Sure, she might have been stepping in as a mother helping her child. But protective mom or not, she's a grown woman who is accused of brutally assaulting a child who is more than 20 years her junior.

Maybe I'm simply paying better attention, but there seems to be an increasing number of parents somehow involved in their kids' fights. Some plan the fight. Some egg the kids on. And then some get involved.

The excuse used is always "well, I'm a parent, it's my job to protect my child." It's hard to argue with that, until you consider that the kid getting hurt is someone's child too. Child being the operative word.

Adults shouldn't fight kids. Period. Adults shouldn't fight anyone, really, but if you're in a situation where you are about to break a 12-year-old's arm, there should be some serious warning bells going off in your head. Check out how this went down:

Do you think this mom should be punished for allegedly getting involved in this fight?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

of course she should be punished! she was beating the hell out of that little girl! i'm sure 12 year olds can be little brats and run off at the mouth, but as an adult you should KNOW BETTER. you do NOT put your hands on someone else's child, and certainly not with the intent to harm like this woman and her daughter and sister did. this wasn't her defending her daughter - this was a premeditated beatdown. every single one of them should be absolutely ashamed. and the daughter and aunt need to turn themselves in!

Melan... MelanieJK

Total lack of maturity.     You teach your kid how to behave and handle situations not join in!    Yes,  she should be punished.

work4... work4mickey

What no one is saying/admitting is this was probably a gang fight and the mom and her daughter were in the same gang.

Lokis... LokisMama

Wow.  My mom never beat up bullies, though there was once when the neighborhood bully rode by and kicked a friend of mine in the stomach, that she ripped him off his bike and frog marched him home so his mom could tear him a new one.

nonmember avatar Andrew

What's worse is that the aunt and child are in hiding.

kendyd kendyd

Well my gosh! Let your kids learn to deal with problems. Nice example mom, not.

Shlamoof Shlamoof

Deplorable.  Press charges if your kid is being bullied, step in the legal way.  Get your kid some pepper spray or something for crying out loud.  It's parents like THAT that should lose their kids.  Instead of raising kids that help society, they are helping to tear it down by raising heathens on purpose.

Eleanor Watkins

wow...i dont even know what to say. i cant believe this woman would encourage her daughter to fight much less help.

nonmember avatar JEANA

U can protect ur kids but there is a fine line on wht u can and cant do to protect u babies, but beat up another child OMG THAT WOMAN SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HER SELF Wht did it prove or help? Couldnt the mother go TALK to the other mother to MAYBE RESOLVE this thing between there kids. I HOPE THAT MOTHER GETS WHTS COMING TO HER MAYBE SHE WILL LEARN WHT IS R AND WHT IS WRONG.

Tammy Polen

first of all the Aunt is hiding because of shame,,,and she's teaching the 12 year what shame is by hiding...and from the looks at one time the 12 year was holding her own with the mom at one point she was defending herself from a 33 yr...that would be humiliating enough and watching yourself on tv is that how you wanted your 15 minutes of fame....they should all be charged and the girl that was attacked, I hope shes ok

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