Bloody Pillow Found in Crib of Baby Allegedly Killed by Nanny

Aisling McCarthy BradyLast week on January 14 Rehma Sabir of Cambridge, Mass., celebrated her first birthday. Sadly, it was also the day she was hospitalized with severe head injuries. Two days later she died. The horrific alleged cause of her death: a brutal assault by her Irish nanny, Aisling McCarthy Brady.

According to the Associated Press, Brady has been jailed on an assault charge and could face murder charges after an autopsy is complete. Court documents filed by the police paint a gruesome picture of what may have happened, as a bloody pillow, blanket, and baby wipes were reportedly found in Rehma's room. Doctors say she was a victim of abusive head trauma, which could have been caused by violent shaking or impact to the head.  

That doesn't quite add up with the story Brady, who had been the family's nanny for six months, told police -- that after a happy lunch during which she sang to the girl, she put her in her crib for a nap. About three hours later when she went in to get her up she noticed that "Rehma was clenching her fists and her arms and legs were stiff." Shortly thereafter the mother arrived home, and called 911.

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A neighbor reportedly heard the baby crying for an almost an hour before it escalated into "extreme crying." The woman said she knocked on the apartment trying to get someone's attention, but no one answered the door. Then the crying "started to slow and settle down before stopping completely," the woman said.

What happened inside the walls of that apartment is too horrific to imagine. Did Brady just snap? Was it an accident that she tried to cover up? Or perhaps it was something even more sinister?

Apparently Brady had past incidents of violence (one previous assault charge, and two restraining orders had been taken out against her), and you have to wonder if the baby's parents, Nada Siddiqui and Sameer Sabir, did a background check on her. Brady's neighbor, Thomas Collins, who lived above her for the last six years described her as aggressive and argumentative. "She would just go off the hinges, just ballistic, at a moment's notice."

Of course she's innocent until proven guilty, but based on what's been presented, it looks like it may be yet another case in which a nanny may have killed a child with whose care she had been entrusted. No matter how many loving, wonderful caregivers there are out there, these cases still strike fear in the heart every parent who ever has or will use childcare, and make us wonder once again if our children are truly as safe as we think they are. And it makes it more and more difficult to walk out that door and leave them in anyone else's care. R.I.P., sweet Rhema. 

Thoughts on this case?


Image via Middlesex District Attorney's Office

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sand008 sand008

Poor baby girl. Children are so helpless. And yet some decide to hurt them. As a parent it breaks my heart. So sad

nonmember avatar Donna

So So, sad how when you trust your childrens care to someone who youy think could never act that way!!!! Whats wrong with people?? How can anyone act that way?? How could they exist in our society, without anyone noticing?? WOW!!! These things are happenning more and more often!! Whats the warning signs or the aftermath???What do we do, as normal people should? Nothing, not expect it, who knows, its all too late??!!

Pinkmani Pinkmani

That bitch! 

Umm, I hate to be judgemental but the woman had 2 restraining orders against her as well as an assualt charge. How did they miss that?


How did INS miss this? She's illegal. 2 restraining orders and she's still here? How lax can you be?She shouldn't have been here at all

sadyjo31 sadyjo31

They're called background checks! Pay the money and have one done!

bills... billsfan1104

Agree with Punk and Prima. How did they miss this?

2nino... 2ninos4me

how could the parents not know about those freaking charges ???? besides call me a bitch or whatever but her appareance doesnt look right . she looks too "white trash " to have been taken seriously as a nanny .

also , theres nothing to prove on whether tshe is guilty or not , what needs to be proved here is how she killed the baby girl . because is clear that she killed her .

if the electric chair would be put to good use all these sick bastards wouldnt be left to dow hatever they please . but if their is somethig that i learned is that is those sick bastards just say that they are mentally ill to cover up their sins .

is so funny ( sarcastically speaking ) how all the messed up people are "mentally ill " ... rolls eyes  

Melan... MelanieJK

It's not just the background check,   the neighbor describes her as unhinged and aggressive!    

What these cases teach us is that if there's even a hint of personal or mental issues don't hire someone and don't hesitate to let them go immediately if something develops after you're comfortable and you've become friends with them.     Better safe than sorry. 

nonmember avatar Gretta

I would like to request The Stir please step away from the horrible child abuse stories.

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