LA Church Molestation Lawsuit Uncovers Sick Ways Cardinal Excused Pedophile Priests

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rosary beadsRecords from a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have revealed yet another cover-up of Catholic priests molesting young children. Hundreds of kids were hurt. And the diocese former Cardinal Roger Mahony wants us to be sympathetic ... with him.

Mahony, who served as Cardinal from 1985 and 2011, has been named repeatedly in the lawsuit documents released to the Los Angeles Times over the weekend. The high-ranking church official is accused of opting not to defrock pedophile priests or contact the police but to send them to out-of-state treatment facilities specifically to avoid California therapists who are mandated by law to report abuse. But Mahony isn't being too hard on himself.

After all, he says he was just "naive" about the "full and lasting impact these horrible acts would have on the lives of those who were abused by men who were supposed to be their spiritual guides."

Really? Here's a guy who has risen to a position of power in a church setting -- of all places -- who claims he just didn't know the difference between right and wrong? He didn't know that it was wrong to opt to avoid scandal instead of standing up for innocent children being hurt.

Lapsed Catholic I may be, but I seem to recall at the very least that one of the 10 Commandments forbids you from lying, which is exactly what was done when the priests were sent out-of-state to skirt the laws and avoid the scandal. For someone stupid or, excuse me, naive, that sort of move was particularly tricky. It showed smarts ... sick, twisted smarts.

Mahony claims to spend every day with index cards full of the names of the children hurt by California priests, each of whom he prays for daily. He'd be better off praying for his own soul.

What do you make of the cardinal's excuse?


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Carme... Carmen8706

I think bullshit.

nonmember avatar AJ

Absolutely horrible. I was raised catholic and there's a lot of reasons I have decided not to continue it as an adult. Devout Catholics make a lot of bs excuses and justifications for all the things that go on, continually denying the horrific things the church condones. No one seems to talk about the fact that the pope was a nazi. Google it, it's true. I followed blindly as a child but I don't know how any adult can follow this religion after knowing all the facts. The Catholic Church is corrupt plain and simple.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Maybe if priests were allowed to have children of their own, they'd get how damaging it is.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Oh he prays for the poor children does this Cardinal not think maybe God sent him to protect these children and he failed greatly. This is one of many reasons I will not return to the catholic church ever!

nonmember avatar kevobx

Do not enter into any church, Christ never preached in any church! When God destroys a church from above, what do the proud people say? (*Acts 7:49*)

kiriis kiriis

Wait, you mean a Catholic was molesting kids and another Catholic didn't give a fuck? Excuse me while I call CNN. *rolls eyes*

RMB2011 RMB2011

And that is why I don't like the Catholic Church. This is disgusting. I can only hope and pray those bastards get jail time and feel the pain they inflicted on those innocent children.

aerit... aerith515

And my mom can't understand why I'm not Catholic anymore...  lots of reasons!  This being one.  I have to hear it every time I talk to her.  The ones in charge are sick and twisted and abuse their power instead of "practicing what they preach." 

eetfbf eetfbf

he is going to hell and I believe Catholic preist aren't above the law. They should be arrested and put away for good. They are not above the law. They are so wrong. They are sick men and need to pay for their sins here on earthn then withn God.

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