Michelle Obama's Eye Roll Couldn't Have Been Directed at a More Deserved Victim (VIDEO)

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michelle obama rolls her eyesIn a day filled with pomp and circumstance, tradition and pride, what do we Americans end up taking away from Inauguration Day? Silly YouTube clips and ridiculous GIFs from the day, of course. One in particular, featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, has tongues clucking more than the ruby-hued Jason Wu gown she wore to the Inaugural Balls last night ...

In the clip, taken during the post-inaugural luncheon, our FLOTUS is seated between our newly inaugurated POTUS and his arch nemesis House Speaker John Boehner. At one point, it looks like Boehner's chatting with Obama, makes a joke, and tries to get Michelle in on it. Her reaction? Well, it was probably best described by Tumblr blogger "Mattyrab" -- who was the first to share video of the exchange -- as a “historical moment in shade throwing.” Hoo boy!

Check it out ...

HA, see, so there you have it. Personally, I find it hilarious. And endearing! Everyone's flipping out because apparently, they prefer a Stepford-y FLOTUS (cough like Laura Bush) who will just sit there with a plastic frozen smile plastered to her face 24/7/365. But Michelle Obama is a brilliant, opinionated woman, who was clearly not amused by Boehner's joke. Or by his exchange with her husband. Or by the Republican himself, with whom her relationship has likely soured quite a bit in the wake of disagreement after disagreement on fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings galore. So, really, can you blame her for being visibly annoyed?

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Geeze, when there's so much discord going on in D.C. and between her husband and an entire political party, I give her serious credit for looking as calm and content as she does 99.9 percent of the time. And it's not like we don't know that this is happening ... So when the First Lady reacts to John Boehner with not one, but two -- gasp! -- eye rolls, let's give her a break, eh? She's only human, and I'm sure she was only reacting as anyone else in her shoes would.

What do you think of Michelle Obama's eye rolls?


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KAV1970 KAV1970

Can't stand her or her husband with their money-grubbing ways......

MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

Hey marissa, how does it feel to be so far up obama ass??

Vegeta Vegeta

That whole family and CNNs coverage of that parade was appalling. The Obama's made all those people wait a half hour out in the cold until they felt like coming out. The daughters were playing on their phones, spinning around in the chairs, and left in the middle of it. Michelle looked miserable the whole time and Barack didn't pay any attention cause he was turned around talking to friends. Biden seemed to be the only one watching these people who came from all over the country to perform for the first family. And CNN cut out to show an interview with Carson about Michelles shoes (that took 3 days to make) while THE NAVY was marching by. Fashion is more important than our armed forces. On CNN. *facepalm*

handy... handy0318

I think Michelle Obama's eyerolls were tacky in the extreme and not at all appropriate for a woman of her stature holding her position. All of us have, at times, been in the position of being polite, even when seething inside. It's called civility...something that sadly is getting rarer and rarer.

bills... billsfan1104

Why bring up Laura Bush? WTF? Laura Bush is one of the sweetest loving woman in the world and you trash her? She is not a fucking Stepford wife. Just because he supports her husband and acts with CLASS, doesn't mean she does everything her husband says. Damn, what a crappy and bitchy thing to say.

Texas... TexasGirl512

So much for honoring POTUS' coming together. If she can't stand him why were they seated together? At least Boehner tried to break the ice, I'm sure jokes don't come easy for him given the joke of an administration he's having to deal with.

kever... keversole

lol wow. like none of you ever rolled your eyes at someone before. talk about nit picking. this little video doesnt deserve it's own article anyway

BirdCo BirdCo

Maressa, your articles are so bitter. You should talk to someone about that.


I have to take issue with your bashing Laura Bush. Wtf. Can you tell me what the point was? It was completely unnecessary. And I'm a dem and I found that just wrong on so many levels. Please grow the hell up.

nonmember avatar Brittany

Is there somewhere we can hear what was said? Because I know that there are plenty of times that I've responded to a joke with an eyeroll, not because I was annoyed with the speaker or because I didn't think the joke was funny, but because that was the appropriate reaction to the joke. For example, my husband likes to make bad puns. And I think they're pretty hilarious. But a lot of times, I'll eyeroll and shake my head to indicate that I thought the pun was just horrible, even if it was funny. I really think her eyeroll here was something like that, because her husband certainly seemed to enjoy the joke enough. I don't like either of the Obamas as President and First Lady- I believe that generally they are pretty unpresidential, and demonstrate poor leadership. But I think assuming the woman was eyerolling for a negative reason is kind of silly, whether you're commending or attacking her for demonstrating annoyance with someone of the opposite party.

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