Mom Accused of Going on Violent Rampage With 2-Week-Old Baby Strapped to Her Chest

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Moms are known for their multitasking, but one mom brought it way beyond nursing while simultaneously filing work reports and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. A Seattle woman allegedly bit a firefighter, threatened to kill a cop, beat her boyfriend into unconsciousness -- all while her 2-week-old baby was strapped to her chest.

It all started when the woman, Sharee N. Seminole, got into an argument with her boyfriend and father of her newborn. She was allegedly able to yell at him, throw him to the ground, and stomp on his face at least eight times, all while carrying her baby. Confronted by bystanders, she reportedly screamed, "You know how many times he's kicked me?" before rushing from the scene.

Her boyfriend was brought to the hospital, unconscious, with his nose broken.

Confronted later by police, the woman was reportedly belligerent, and slurring her words. When they tried to bring her to the police car, she started to fight them, even as the baby was strapped to her chest. Officers reportedly tried to subdue her and get the baby away from her, but she "put up a huge fight." She then allegedly bit a firefighter (Why was a firefighter there? This is all so crazy!) and then mouthed, "I'm gonna kill you" to a police officer.

Wow. Can you imagine doing all of this with your baby on your chest? My guess is she was using her child as a shield -- she probably figured no one could fight back while her baby was right there strapped to her body. She was putting that kid in serious jeopardy though -- someone could have decided to fight back and perhaps it was the baby who took the brunt of it.

The child is now in protective custody. If this is his or her first two weeks of life, I can't imagine what the rest of it is going to be like.

Can you believe this mom?


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2many... 2manydiapers

In many areas firefighters are paramedics, due to her behavior and age of the child they probably requested medical be there.

She'll probably plea PPD and do a reunification with dcfs and get a slap on the hand, with her child back.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

Sounds like she has some type of postpartum psychosis

CPN322 CPN322

LeeshaE - I was thinking the same thing. And if the boyfriend really has been abusing her, maybe she snapped.

I can't imagine stomping on someones face unless that person was trying to rape or kill me :/

DebaLa DebaLa

Wow. Snapped is right! PPD and DV; I'm surprised it was just his nose broken.

Rhiannon Richardson

She probably had postpartum psychosis which is much more serious than just PPD. I'm so happy that she didn't hurt the baby, and that the father didn't suffer permanent injuries. I hope she gets help.

nonmember avatar Erin H.

Wow. She was either suffering from a severe form of post-partum psychosis, or was just sick of her bf using her as a punching bag, or prolly both. That poor baby. I hope it didn't suffer anything at all.

Linda Gray

Yeah I seriously hope for the sake of the child and mum that it was postpartum psychosis and not just an totally insane mum. If it is she can get help and will settle in to a proper routine of looking after her child etc..

DaniS74 DaniS74

Postpartum psychosis is when the mother wants to hurt the baby.  Sounds more like PTSD from the abusive boyfriend, exacerbated by PPD, and with either or both of which she may have been medicated for (slurring) with anti-depressants that for 6-8 weeks (until the bodies regulates to them) actually increase the problems associated with depression:  anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Nicole Laberge

This sounds like an EXTREME case of Postpartum depression. And I don't want to hear anyone say it is not real. If you think its not real, you have never had it.

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