4-Year-Old's Mysterious Death in Amityville Is Extra Creepy Considering Town's Paranormal History

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Amityville town center.
A 4-year-old boy was found dead and alone in the Amityville apartment he shared with his 6-year-old sister and two adults who were not their parents. Cops received a 911 call on Wednesday, and when they showed up to the home, the boy was there on the living room couch with visible wounds. The autopsy is being performed tomorrow, but police say he had noticeable signs of trauma. No adults were home when first responders arrived at the rundown complex in Long Island, New York, and police aren't saying who allegedly called 911 since it's an integral part of their investigation.

If you're wondering why "Amityville" sounds so familiar, it was in this town 36 years ago where the Lutz family experienced terrifying paranormal activity in the home they purchased that was previously occupied by Ronald DeFeo, Jr., who shot and killed six members of his family in the same Dutch Colonial.

Those events inspired a series of novels and two films, one in 1979 and one in 2011, and has been the stuff nightmares have been made of ever since.

So the fact that a 4-year-old has been found mysteriously dead without any adults around in the same town in which all this alleged paranormal activity took place is probably a little unsettling to some. Additionally, the 6-year-old sister is reportedly missing. Neither child attended school on Wednesday.

Police have one of the adults who lived at the home in custody, which should hopefully bring about some answers. When initially questioned, this person said the boy had been hurt in an accident.

I don't know about you, but I am very curious about who called 911 and why the authorities aren't releasing their theory. What kind of person would find a 4-year-old dead or dying on a living room couch, call the cops, then bolt? Plus, cops say the call definitely came from inside the home.

It's just not adding up. Maybe police aren't giving any more details about the caller because they're not sure who, or possibly, what dialed 911.

Ghost stories aside, a little boy has been found dead, and I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice. It's a tragedy all around.

What are your thoughts?


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Luann Risden

The Amityville Horror never happened. Please research before you speak. Ronald did indeed kill his family but that is the only thing that ever happened in that house.

CAP1015 CAP1015

For God's sake do any of your ever fact check? 

 The Ammityville Horror has been confirmed beyond question that it was a work of fiction (the screenwriter has publiced stated that he was told by the paranormal investigators to take liberities with the very limited paranormal information and to make the story "scary")  These same investigators have been confirmed frauds and been outed as having faked the "Haunting in Connecticut" story as well.

The child's death sounds like a mystery, and if paranormal so be it, BUT the town of Ammityville is not unique other than having a house where a paranoid schizophrenic shot his family.


handy... handy0318

If you check the crime stats, Amityville is a very safe town to live in, and the neighborhood where the DeFao tragedy took place one of the safest.  I hope that the police will get all the facts surrounding the death of this poor child and bring whoever did this to justice. It's a terrible crime, but not a supernatural one. Also, prayers that the 6 year old will be found safe.

Irela... Ireland69

CAP1015 have you seen paranormal witness?  they have the true people from Haunting in Connecticut and other movies and explain how they came up with the movies.  The writer is comparing paranormal which doesn't have anything to do with paranormal MAYBE!!!

nonmember avatar Jah

It's a really sad situation. The lil boy in question is my cousin and for the person that said the parents did it..you're wrong but I do hope that the people who were taking care of him have some kind of answers because nothing adds up.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Ireland69, yes I've seen it and it is really good.  I am very interested in paranormal investigations and a confirmed skeptic.  One of my hobbies is debunking unethical investigations/investigators and I assist in actual paranormal investigations.  The biggest hurdle for this type of thing is the number of people who are really bad at it and mostly the people that just out and out lie/fake occurences.

Had the writer of this blog spent 10 minutes researching she would have known at least enough not to link this horrible crime with a "paranormal town" that is only paranormal in a fictionial movie. 

It angers me to see blog afte blog written and their is absolutely no journalistic integrity.  And worse someone somewhere will read this and take it as "fact" since in was on a respectable website so they think "it must be true"................geezzzz....

Thanks for the comment.    

xiolxuo xiolxuo

I lived within minutes of Amityville. It's an alright place. Nothing paranormal. The murder did happen in the house though, no ghosts.

Leah Marie

um, the original story was confirmed to be staged, and the later movie came out in 2005, you're off by 6 years.

quirk... quirkychic

Wow this author is really dumb. Just because ONE house in Amityville was supposedly "haunted" doesnt mean the whole town is. That has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

But so many questions arise like:

why was a 4 yr old home alone? and why dont the children live with their parents?

This story sounds very fishy.

nonmember avatar Be my guest

Are you seriously trying to link the tragic death of a child to a fictitious horror story? You are a shallow, insipid, desperate excuse for a writer. There's obviously a story here. But it obviously has nothing to do with a dumb book/movie. You're disgusting.

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