Woman Allegedly Smothers Her Boyfriend to Death -- With Her Breasts


This woman sounds like a big boob. Donna Lange, a 51-year-old Washington woman, is accused of smothering her boyfriend to death -- with her breasts. Now here's a crime I could never commit -- literally. How big do your boobages have to be to be able to smother someone with them? But let's get to the details. Police reportedly showed up at the trailer park home that Lange shared with her 51-year-old boyfriend after a report of a disturbance. What they found was disturbing, all right ...

Police found the boyfriend dead and witnesses say they saw her with her chest covering the victim's face. Apparently the two are about the same height -- but Lange weighs 20 pounds more than her boyfriend. And I think we know where those extra 20 pounds were stacked.

Lange was reportedly "heavily intoxicated" and told police she had no idea how her boyfriend had died. She also reportedly did this in front of three other witnesses -- also apparently intoxicated. Quite a party, eh?

Lange has been arrested on a second-degree manslaughter charge (or should that be a double dee manslaughter charge?). And she isn't the only woman accused of trying to kill someone with her boobs. Two months ago, a German woman reportedly tried to kill her boyfriend with her 38DD bubs.

See, guys, there is something to be said for dating a woman with small breasts.

Did you even think boobs could be used as a weapon?


Image via annawren/Flickr

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Vegeta Vegeta

And he walked into heaven with a smile on his face lol.

Wayne Harrison

You know, if you crop that photo really tight it kinda looks like a..... BRB.

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