Teacher Who Did Adult Films Doesn't Deserve to Lose Her Job (VIDEO)

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stacie halasOnce you go porn star, you can never go back, it seems. Or at least that's the takeaway from a recent story out of Oxnard, California, where a 32-year-old middle school teacher at Haydock Intermediate School was fired back in April after students found out she had appeared in more than one adult filmStacie Halas appealed the decision, but yesterday, a three-judge panel unanimously decided that she was unfit for the classroom. Ugh, what a bunch of Puritans!

Seriously, my heart really goes out to this woman. Maybe it's because her lawyer said that Halas didn't do any porn movies while teaching at any school district. She only took parts during an eight-month stint -- from 2005 to 2006 -- because she was suffering from financial problems after her boyfriend abandoned her. But too bad!

Apparently she's been blacklisted from Haydock ... and after making national news with this story, I wouldn't be surprised if she struggles to find work in education again.

Look, I understand that kids digging up porn of their teacher could potentially undermine said teacher's ability to be an effective educator. But at the same time, what kind of message does it send to destroy Halas' current teaching career based on her past? And a sliver of her past at that? It's not exactly encouraging to anyone who would like to -- and has every right to! -- move into a more admirable, mainstream profession from a less conventional one, like porn. 

Other than these old videos that surfaced (and side note: I question why no one is talking about how that's okay that these pre-teens' have full access to Google for porn?), Halas did nothing else to deserve a bad reputation. As her lawyer said, she's "representative of a lot of people who may have a past that may not involve anything illegal or anything that hurts anybody." And now she'll struggle to find work doing what she loves and is trained to do, based only on a brief but "unsavory" choice from her past. What a shame.

How do you feel about this case? Do you think Halas should have been allowed back in the classroom or should be hired at a different school?




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Coles... Coles_mom

I don't think she should necessarily be black listed, but she'll never be taken seriously as a teacher. If she really wanted to put her past behind her, the best thing would have been to change her name legally when she left the porn industry. Maybe that seems a bit much, but at least she wouldn't have been google-able. 

redK8... redK8blueSt8

I do not think she should get fired for it. BUT, once word got out I think she'd have an impossible time teaching. Not just teaching, but teaching Middle School, when horomones are rulling over respect and reason 99% of the time. She won't be as effective a teacher when the boys in class are being rude and disrespectful to impress their rude and disrecpectful friends about seeing her naked and having sex. Good gracious they can't even make it through a sex ed class with out innuendo. And then the girls, vicious rumor spreaders, thinking that's maybe not such a bad way to pay for college, and being harassed by the boys to be like Ms. Halas.
These are generalizations, not every middle school student is like this, but enough are to ruin any attempts this woman can make to teach them.

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

Last time I checked, porn was legal so no, she shouldn't have been fired. She is a great example of how someone can turn their life around after making a poor choice. It's not like she was a pedophile or criminal, so her past shouldn't have any bearing on her ability to teach!

handy... handy0318

I have to agree that the porn films will seriously undermine the respect and authority she would need in a middle/intermediate school setting. Way younger kids who wouldn't have a clue about it, or college level where (hopefully) kids would be more mature, sure. But middle/high school... her past just wouldn't stay in the past.  There's no way the kids won't know about it, and you can bet your bottom dollar they'd be finding the movies and watching them, just to see teacher nekkie and doing the nastie. That's the mindset of kids that age.


jalaz77 jalaz77

No she shouldn't be fired. However I have to say this is why you choose lifestyles carefully. I wouldn't care if it were my kids' teacher. I would question why my middle school kid found out, maybe not enough restriction online?!

fave82 fave82

I dont feel bad for her at all. Instead of using her as an example of turning your life around, she's an example of how making poor choices (legal or not- porn is gross and they have no respect for themselves) can follow you for a lifetime.

mrssu... mrssundin

She made a stupid choice and it cost her. To bad. With the way the world is run you no longer have secrets or pasts that can't be found. The school did the right thing by letting her go, its really to protect her and the school. All it takes is for one kid to say she did something to them and she will never get out of prison again. A good prosecuter knows that one mention of porn star would be enough to convict her.

Glitc... Glitchtastic

Why would she get fired of this? How stupid. Why is porn seen as such a horrible thing? I just don't get it. =\ I think the kids and the parents should be in question. Why are pre-teens able to freely search (for porn) on google? 

Dave Pottinger

This just goes to what momma told you, not to do things that will come back and bite you in the arse. Some choices DO affect you for your whole life!

Jennifer B Kinghorn

She deserved nothing less than to lose her job. To get any job you have to give a job history and there is a reason for that. Shes a whore and has no business around kids. Porn stars have no morals and have no business around kids. Doesnt make me or anyone else a "puritan" to not want this low class hooker teaching our kids. People who are ok with this should probably be questioned as parents...

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