10-Year-Old Accused of Planning & Shooting His Neo-Nazi Father While He Slept

boy killed fatherA 12-year-old boy in California stands accused of planning and executing the murder of his neo-Nazi father by shooting him while he slept on the couch two years ago. The boy was 10 and at issue is whether or not a boy that young can even know right from wrong enough to be found guilty.

The verdict was expected Monday, but the case raises some interesting questions. Can a boy raised on violence and guns and hate by a father who was a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement really be considered guilty when all he was doing was practicing what he was raised to do? He claims his father was abusive. Prosecutors claim the child was violent from the start, even stabbing a teacher with a pencil in kindergarten. Of course, both things could be true.

He could be violent because he was raised to do so. Isn't this what a neo-Nazi wants? Violence, hate, and anarchy?

In many ways, raising a child with racist, homophobic, or hateful views is abuse in itself. From the start, you are raising a child who has a closed mind and believes intolerance and hatred are good, just qualities. It's cruel.

Then, if you add violence into the mix, well then, you get out exactly what you put in. The reality is no one who is a neo-Nazi or a member of a hate group is a good person. Sorry. That's just a fact. So it doesn't take a genius to imagine that intolerance and hatred isn't solely reserved for Jewish people or African-Americans. One has to assume that sort of hate spreads itself all over. Possibly to a child.

The boy hasn't been found guilty, but if he is, it's hard to imagine how he could have turned out any other way.

Children are supposed to have open minds. They are supposed to love everyone and believe everyone is their friend. If they don't, that is something they're taught.

It isn't that a child can never be a sociopath guilty of a crime. Certainly that is possible and certainly there ARE children who are beyond repair. But a child that is taught to hate from a young age, follows through on what has been taught, and then is found guilty and sent away to juvenile prison where he will emerge even darker and MORE violent at 18 was never really given a chance at a normal, happy, loving life.

To me, that is wrong. I would rather see my tax dollars go to rehabilitating this boy and possibly giving him a shot at a regular, hate-free life.

What a tragic, tragic case.

Do you think he should go to lock-up if found guilty?


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bills... billsfan1104

You just had to lump guns in there. This kid sounds mental. This is not just a kid raised on racist thoughts.

2cent... 2centsCDN

Why wouldn't she lump in guns? This child was raised with violence and hatred of others and obviously had access to guns since he shot his own father with what I will assume was his father's gun. I'd say guns are pretty relevant.

I feel sad for this child. We'll never know if he could have been a different person if he was brought up in a better environment and he's probably had many people give up on him already.

sugar... sugarmansmom

Bills did you read the linked article?  Obviously we cannot know everything about this child, but I wonder what you're going off of when you say "This kid sounds mental. This is not just a kid raised on racist thoughts."  Reading the article, it comes off as though he killed the father to prevent being taken away from his step mother, who had initially said she killed the man.  Possible that she has always been a protective force in his life and he was afraid of what would happen when she was gone?  If dad taught him that killing is a viable solution then, well.... 

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I just feel so sad for this kid. I agree, if you grow up hearing about radical violience and in a violent home and you're afraid you're going to take the only solution that's ever been presented to you. If this child can be helped he should be helped. 

miche... micheledo

I agree that he did what he was most likely taught. It is so sad and we really don't know why. If it was because of fear and abuse - how tragic that this seemed like the only choice the boy had. It frightens me a bit, to think of him being rehabilitated. Is that even possible? Is the poor boy to far gone? I don't think anyone has a n answer to that.

kelti... kelticmom

Well what do you expect? You raise a child in a home where they are indoctrinated with hate, surrounded by violence and weapons, you have a father who is a member of one of the angriest, hateful, evil groups there is, etc - are you really surprised when that child snaps? I absolutley agree that this child needs years of therapy to help him, not being locked up so he can potentially become a skin head just like his dear departed daddy.

nonmember avatar SueBradley

@billsfan, you honestly cannot see a link between the violence and the guns? Really? You need to take your blinders off and stop being so defensive whenever anyone mentions guns. See this for what it is - a kid raised in a racist, hate-filled home where violence is glorified. I'd have to say good riddance to the father, but how sad for the son. I hope they can help him.

handy... handy0318

At age 10 there is no way this little child could understand the full consequences of his actions.  It saddens me that the criteria here is knew "what he was doing was wrong and whether there was premeditation."  Lot's of 10 year olds know right from wrong, but still cannot understand fully the real life issues that will arise from certain actions.  Just the fact that this child thought it would be OK because he saw a show on TV proves that.  Hopefully the judge will get him into a program where he'll be safe and get the kind of long term therapy that he'll need.

Mamab... MamabearC

I'm one that is big on responsibility.10 is old enough to know right from wrong AND figure out that if you kill someone the "life issue" from that action is that the person that you just killed is dead& that you will not be thrown a parade for killing them;you will be in trouble.I admit I 'm usually not one who fully believes in rehabilitation.For some reason this is different.Maybe it's just that I really feel for this boy who was taught,shown and knows nothing but hate,abuse,fear and violence from day 1.that fact alone gives me hope that he isn't some heartless killer and a danger to society and can perhaps be taught a different way of thinking.Since I'm not the judge or jury, I don't have ALL the facts;in truth, the only one who knows the facts now is the boy himself, I won't just jump on board and say to send him to prison for a good portion of his life right off the bat. I think he needs(and I bet he's had) A LOT of counseling and also multiple mental health evaluations before we toss his life away to the prison system.I hope he gets the care he needs and ens up having a long happy life being a productive member of society.Regardless of what happened and why,what a sad sad story...

Mommi... MommietoJB

I think he is much too young to be locked up in prison for life. And I agree that rehabilitation seems like a better option to try and save this boy. He did not get to choose his parents and the enviroment he was raised in, im almost certain if he was born into a loving educated household he would not of done something like this.

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