Mother Having Affair With Son Arrested for Trying to Murder Her Husband

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Hmm, I wonder what this Lifetime movie will be called. Maybe something like I Loved My Son ... Too Much. Or perhaps A Mother's Love Can Be Deadly. Something like that. For as sure as Christian Grey will soon be wielding the ben-wa balls at a movie complex near you, the story of 42-year-old mom Amy Pearson and her 21-year-old son, Michael, will be a Lifetime movie. Amy and Michael were arrested for conspiring -- along with Amy's brother -- to kill her husband for his life insurance money. Oh, and Amy and her son, Michael, were having an affair. So there's that.

Amy's husband, Robert, was reportedly driving one day when a gold SUV pulled up alongside him and the occupants, allegedly Michael and Amy's brother, Richard, shot him in the neck. Miraculously he survived and managed to call 911.

At first, Amy wasn't a suspect. But then police began getting wind of some strange un-mother-son-like behavior on Amy and Michael's part. Like the fact that they'd apparently go out to nightclubs and "grab each other's buttocks." And they'd send lovey-dovey letters back and forth that said things like, "I miss touching you." And they didn't mean that time Amy put a Band-Aid on Michael's knee.

Apparently Amy was on the verge of her divorce from Robert when the shooting happened. Amy and her son, Michael, could have received up to $450,000 in benefits if Robert was dead. Not so much if he was alive and the two were divorced. Kids, that whole insurance thing is always a major red flag. Don't even try it, okay?

This Lifetime movie will have some great dialogue too. Amy Pearson reportedly told her sister-in-law about the failed attempt on her husband's life, "That's what happens when you send a boy to do a woman's work." (I'm picturing Lindsay Lohan in this role.)

Can you wait for this movie?

Editor's Note: Astute readers will note that this story was originally written referring to Michael as Amy's "adopted son." That was the story as originally published in all media outlets two days ago. Now, it appears things have changed -- the Huffington Post has updated its story to reflect that Michael is actually Amy's biological son. Robert was not Michael's biological father. And I have no words left.

Image via Las Vegas Metro Police


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dirti... dirtiekittie some people should not be parents - adoptive or otherwise. 

nonmember avatar d

omg they updated the article. he is NOT her adopted son, but her biological son. her husband ADOPTED him. that's just a whole new level of ick.

Krist... KristenMV

The news story says that he is her biological son and it was the husband who adopted him.

proud... proudmomma6804

Just ick...seriously what is wrong with people?

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

As a mother with boys myself. Eww. Just eww. *shudders*

nonmember avatar theyaresickos

They are beyond sick and disgusting!!!! Lock them up and throw away the key!!!! Ewwwww

nonmember avatar KLTfam

This is absolutely disgusting... BOTH of them.
I have 2 boys and could NEVER imagine that kind of relationship. It's sick! I hope that woman serves a lot of time for that...Was it worth it to you, lady??

nonmember avatar Gin@...

Freaking disgusting!!!! She seriously needs help... Bunch of Animals :/ Smh!!

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I swear to the Holy Messiah, something must be in the food. People are crazy. Killing each other for stupid reasons, making bad decisions, trying to do stupid things, etc. 

Mommy... Mommy678912

This is ....omg....YUCK!!!! This is just WRONG on SOOO many different levels!!!!

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