Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Mom Dies Loving Her Son to the Very End

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What must it be like to give birth to an adorable baby boy who grows up to be a handsome, athletic, intelligent, charming -- serial killer? Unfortunately for a woman named Louise Bundy, mother of the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, she knew what this felt like. Or did she? For Louise staunchly defended her son and called him her "precious boy" right up until the day he was executed. She has died at 88 years old. And I cannot imagine what her life must have been like.

Louise had four other children -- none of whom were problematic. But for whatever reason, Ted was. The good-looking Ted was found guilty of killing two sorority college students and a 12-year-old girl. But he went on to confess to more than two dozen women. 

Ted had it all -- looks, brains, charm, and a mother who loved him. But he decided to put all of that to use by stalking and killing young women. Like I imagine most mothers would, at the beginning, Louise refused to believe it. In fact, she was in denial for years -- pretty much right up until Ted confessed. But even then she spoke to him twice by phone on his day of execution, and told him she would always love him.

I see nothing wrong with a mother's love. It's not like she ever knew what he was doing while he was doing it and she didn't call police. If she that, it would be a different story. But how is a mother supposed to carry on knowing a man she brought into the world took so many others out of it because of some sick compulsion? The only way to live must have been for her to remember the baby and child she once knew.

Even though she claimed her son was innocent and said, "Ted Bundy does not go around killing women and little children!" a part of her must have wondered. And a part of her must have wondered -- did she do something wrong? A part of her must have been tortured.

It must be one of the most devastating things in the world to have a child commit such violent and heinous acts -- the same child you gave birth to. The same child you diapered, and played with, and stayed up all night with -- whom you protected and loved and cherished. Knowing -- or even suspecting -- that he devastated other parents beyond repair.

Would you still love your child if he was a serial killer?


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CAP1015 CAP1015

What a tough spot to be in.  It just goes to show that there are many victims when serial killers strike.

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

Certainly a bizarre and tragic realm to be brought into as a mother.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I would....this would be horrible, I would be so disgusted but would still love my child.


Guess she was the first to fall under his "charm".

tbruc... tbrucemom

I often use the analogy when describing a mother's unconditional love that I'm sure Ted Bundy's mother still loved him even after the heinous things he did.  You can understand that he needs to be punished for them but it doesn't mean you still wouldn't love him.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I week always live my babies. No matter what. But that doesn't mean I can't be supremely disappointed in what they do. I just Hope I raise them to be sweet, compassionate adults.

paren... parentalrights1

Love, yes but I wouldn't deny his actions. I HATE mothers that do that.

Like my poor niece who was being molested by her father since she was born. When it finally came to light what was going on, he was kicked out of father in laws house where they were all living, but his mooooommmyyyyy had to call up father in law and chew him out for "having something against" her baby boy.

Can't STAND women like that. Or the maury moms who bitch that "that pregnant slut ruined my baby's life" when it takes two.

dirti... dirtiekittie

just because a man has a diseased brain and he is a killer doesn't mean he doesn't deserve his mother's love. there are so many children growing up in this world who would kill to have a mother's love like that (no pun intended, sorry). as @CAP1015 said, there's more than just the murdered who are victims in these scenarios. 

and yes, i would still love my child. i would pray for them and try to find them the help they needed, and yeah, i probably would defend my child until my last breath. to me, a real mother wouldn't just "turn off" her love of her child because they did something wrong, even on this grand scale of wrongness. 

KAV1970 KAV1970

a mother's love knows no bounds.........

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

^^ couldn't have put it better myself!

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