Girl Disarms Scissors Wielding Woman in One Crazy Impressive Karate Move (VIDEO)

Wonder Woman 5

karate kick

Who hasn't had dreams of being a superhero, swooping in and saving the day. That dream was realized for one woman in China. The young girl single-handedly disarmed a woman wielding scissors with the most impressive karate kick you will ever see. Best of all, the entire amazing feat was caught on tape.

The scene was straight out of a movie. Innocent people passing on the sidewalk were being terrorized by a woman waving around scissors. And for some reason, this particular girl -- sporting what looks like hip leather shorts, knee-high socks, and a vest -- felt the need to intervene. There were a few tense seconds as the pair checked each other out, circling like two cage fighters getting ready to pounce. As the girl gets closer, she unleashes a kick worthy of a Charlie's Angels flick and the scissors fly to the ground. Totally cool.

Who hasn't dreamed about putting all those Tae Bo class moves to use outside the gym? The scissors-wielding woman was so startled, she fled. She clearly didn't want to risk sticking around for what was next. Check it out.

Do you think you'd be brave enough to do the same thing?



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nonmember avatar handy

Way cool! (If I tried such a thing, I'd probably fall on my butt.)

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Hell yea!  Billy Blanks would be so proud. 

maris... mariscilla

freaking bad azz!


nonmember avatar Max

"Karate kick"??
First off, that was no martial arts move of any kind, though it WAS quick thinking on the girl's part. It was simply a kick and it wasn't all that impressive except for that it worked.
This is CHINA (as you wrote yourself), so it would NOT have been Karate, it would have been a form of Kung Fu or other related art. Karate is Japanese and not regularly taught in China.
A little less Kardashians, and a little more REAL culture might help with your writing skills.

Mommy... Mommyof3n2013

I'm sorry but LMAO @ Max. Whatever it was...I agree it wasn't that 'awesome' nor was it worthy of a Charie's Anges flick! It was cool that she stood up to the crazy old lady and successfully disarmed her..but it wasn't that freaking amazing! Also...maybe translate the video so we know what was being said. :P

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