Military Club Refuses Gay Wife of Soldier & Breaks More Than One Heart (VIDEO)

ashley broadwayAshley Broadway is just like any other Army wife: She's been standing by the U.S. military and her beloved soldier, an Army lieutenant colonel, for 15 years. She's waited at home with their son Carson while her spouse was deployed to the Middle East. She's had to relocate bases, even moving to South Korea at one point.

But when the couple landed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Broadway wanted to join the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses, she was refused membership. The private military club claims she couldn't join without a military ID card, but Broadway believes it has to do with something else ... She's gay.

Yup, turns out we are so not as progressive as we may like to think ...

The silver lining is that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was overturned. And that Broadway's been married to Lt. Col. Heather Mack since the two were legally wed in a November ceremony in Washington, D.C. But the military doesn't formally recognize same-sex marriage under the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that denies many benefits to same-sex spouses. One of those benefits is military IDs. Of course!

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So surely, the excuse the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses new membership rule they're holding over Broadway's head is ridiculous red tape they've suddenly decided is necessary ... simply because they don't want to accept a gay wife into their fold. So pathetic.

If I were Broadway, I'd want nothing to do with this club after how they've behaved. But walking away isn't the solution. What happened here is disappointing proof that while we've definitely come very far, we've still got quite a way to go. Military spouses like Broadway -- or those of us who've got her back -- shouldn't rest until all same-sex Americans and their spouses are treated equally under ALL laws. So that a club like this has no excuse -- not even one that seems legit on the surface -- to close ranks on someone like Broadway.

What do you make of what happened here?


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kelti... kelticmom

How convienent that after she applies, they call her back and say "they have new membership rules". I'm a military wife and this disgusts me. The only place I have had to show my ID is the doctor's office, the PX, the gate and other official places. Not a support club. Ridiculous and bigoted.

nonmember avatar Jackie

Um well there's this problem where I've had to show my military ID everywhere I've gone on post. I've walked into buildings for FRG meetings and have had to show it. Further, if it's a private membership, the association can do what they please. Not just this one, but any one.
Her not having an ID has nothing to do with red tape from the private club but red tape from the DoD.

femal... femaleMIKE

When will the public learn that homosexuals are humans just like us.

ashes... ashes2ashes831

Jackie I'm pretty sure you sound like "one of those" wives. Cannot stomach being friends with lower ranking wives ect.

ashes... ashes2ashes831

Annnd they could issue her a temporary pass for her to come n go so I'm..calling bs!

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

You have to have a military ID to have access to military benefits. The article stated that she wanted to JOIN a military spouse organization, problem is she's not recognized as a military spouse because she doesn't have a military ID which won't happen until the military starts recognizing same-sex marriages.

nonmember avatar Gina

I only feel sorry for her because the military doesn't recognize gay marriage yet. Other than that, tough titty. No ID, no access. Even though I live on base, shop everyday at the commissary and am recognized by the cashiers, I have to show my ID every.single.time. Rules are rules, stupid, arbitrary, intelligent, or otherwise.

nonmember avatar seiously?

This is news? Who the f#$k cares? It's a private club they can do what they want. What's next? Are you going to pitch a fit when they admit you and then blow you off? You can't force acceptance so get over it. If you don't agree start your own damn club, but stop wasting everyone's time with this drivel.

ashes... ashes2ashes831

Are you ladies serious? She is a military wife?! She's one of us and is denied benefits or an id because of some "law" that doesn't recognize her as a wife. This is crap.

nonmember avatar Leah

If you are a same sex couple in the army, you come into the situation knowing you will not receive spouse benifits including military IDs. Please do not throw a tantrum when you try to get more involved and you are turned away because spouse benifits are required that you knew you would not be able to obtain in the first place. I know many women in OSC and they have no preferences as to what you sexual orientation is. Instead of going to the media and trying to get attention and start drama, why not try to join a different group, volunteer with your wife's unit, or start a group. Be positive.

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