Casey Anthony Misses America’s Hatred & Is Coming Back for More

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Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is back in the spotlight. Again. The one-time murder suspect in the death of toddler daughter Caylee is trying to convince a judge that she shouldn't be punished for allegedly lying to police about her child's whereabouts.

What is with her? She didn't get enough of the nation's seething hate the first time around, so she's taking another crack at it?

Anthony's lawyers contend that Casey hadn't been Mirandized when she told detectives that the 2-year-old had been kidnapped by a babysitter. Of course it came out during the trial that she knew that was a load of BS, but the way the lawyers tell it, Casey's misdemeanors for lying to law enforcement officers should be vacated.

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Yeah, because the best way for Casey Anthony to get back to a normal life is to throw herself back into a courtroom and rile up Americans already angry because they think she got away with murder, right? Surveys after her not guilty verdict showed the majority of us are mad that she got off so easy. Those misdemeanors, minuscule as they were, were actually helping her a bit -- at least people felt like she was getting some kind of punishment.

She got off a murder rap based on a defense that posited that Caylee died in the family swimming pool. Her very defense proves she lied to the cops!

But here Casey is again, trying to once again get off without any repercussions. Sounds like she's using technicalities to skirt responsibility for her actions.

Either she just loves her some good old-fashioned American animosity or she's really so deluded that she thinks it will help her to wipe the slate clean.

What's your money on? Should she be able to get out of these misdemeanor charges?


Image via Pinnellas County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar Common.Sense

I don't say this about too many people, but she really does deserve to die. However she killed her poor, innocent child should be inflicted on her only 10x more slowly and painfully while a crowd looks on and laughs. If only the law had punished her when it had the chance!!

schlis schlis

Can we just burn her at the stake and get it over with?

CAP1015 CAP1015

Okay it's a given that no one with 1 brain cell can feel anything but hatred and contempt for Casey.  We all agree, yes?

But this article is written like Casey is seeking animosity and trying to get bad attention because of her court case.  A normal person would question Casey's judgement, BUT I'm willing to bet that she is doing this to avoid punishment and/or avoid the charged NOT because she seeks animosity.

Once again Jeanne you've written a load of crap, but have gotten people's attention with your lightning rod headlines and then completely write things that are all opinions, wrong or just plain off the wall. 

Flori... Floridamom96

In a country where we we have codified in our founding governing document a protection of our basic, God-given right to freely speak how on earth can it be a crime to lie?

Anime... AnimeGirl123

I really hate her. I don't care how this article is written she should've went to jail in the first place on death row! Oh the daughter died in the pool I believe, but I don't think it was an accident! Who takes there drowned child and puts them in the trunk I would be calling 911 right away! Even if I knew she or he was gone! And then she goes out and parties with her daughter 'missing' yea who doe sthta? That is not a way to cope and any non psychotic person would be worrying and trying to find there kid! Lock her up! Put her on death row! Some people shouldn't have kids that is for sure!

nonmember avatar Nikki

She is disgusting and vial and it kills me that she is allowed to walk free. I usually don't have hate for anybody but one day somebody will end up seeing her who acts will act on all our anger and beat her the hell up. Nobody should be allowed to walk free after murdering their child; she needs to do the time that she earned. Hopefully this time the judge will give her the beating of a lifetime...Can anybody say sterilazation?


Honestly I can't believe no one killed her after she walked out of the court house or anytime after   I can't express my distaste for that poor excuse for a mother/ human being ...... She sickens me 


artis... artistmom27

I hate that horrible woman! I wish she would just jump in the ocean and drown.

Chris... Chrissy9479

Floridamom, its a crime to tell the cops that some nonexsistent babysitter kidnapped your kid and have them waste their time and tax payer money to go looking for this person who doesn't exsist and then drag the poor lady who they "thought" it was through the mud. Yeah she deserves to be punished for that, sorry I don't care if you have the freedom of speech, you don't have the right to falsely accuse someone of kidnapping and get away with it. and then try to get off on a technicality!  And she lied to them about working at Universal, and she took the cops to her "job" just to tell them she didn't really work there and had lied about it. More wasted time that they could have been out there looking for her daughter!! she was obviously trying to get in the way of their searching for Caylee. That is why its a crime!! 

monke... monkeymom1104

She's horrible, vile and got away with the unspeakable. But if she wasn't read her rights, she wasn't read her rights. The laws are enforced to protect us...even her..:( Too bad we can't pick and choose with this one!

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