Casey Anthony Misses America’s Hatred & Is Coming Back for More

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is back in the spotlight. Again. The one-time murder suspect in the death of toddler daughter Caylee is trying to convince a judge that she shouldn't be punished for allegedly lying to police about her child's whereabouts.

What is with her? She didn't get enough of the nation's seething hate the first time around, so she's taking another crack at it?


Anthony's lawyers contend that Casey hadn't been Mirandized when she told detectives that the 2-year-old had been kidnapped by a babysitter. Of course it came out during the trial that she knew that was a load of BS, but the way the lawyers tell it, Casey's misdemeanors for lying to law enforcement officers should be vacated.

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Yeah, because the best way for Casey Anthony to get back to a normal life is to throw herself back into a courtroom and rile up Americans already angry because they think she got away with murder, right? Surveys after her not guilty verdict showed the majority of us are mad that she got off so easy. Those misdemeanors, minuscule as they were, were actually helping her a bit -- at least people felt like she was getting some kind of punishment.

She got off a murder rap based on a defense that posited that Caylee died in the family swimming pool. Her very defense proves she lied to the cops!

But here Casey is again, trying to once again get off without any repercussions. Sounds like she's using technicalities to skirt responsibility for her actions.

Either she just loves her some good old-fashioned American animosity or she's really so deluded that she thinks it will help her to wipe the slate clean.

What's your money on? Should she be able to get out of these misdemeanor charges?


Image via Pinnellas County Sheriff's Office

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