The Kraken Will Be Released at Last & It Might Be a Kardashian!

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squidOkay, lemme just get this obvious reference out of the way up front: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!! Phew, I feel better now. I mean, it HAD to be said because the actual kraken -- i.e., the most mysterious, elusive creature known to man, the giant squid -- has apparently been videotaped in the wild for the first time ever. And soon, very soon, the video will be (you guessed it) released. On the Discovery Channel.

Japan's National Science Museum actually captured the footage, and we'll get to see it on Discovery after its debut on Japanese public television. And it was no easy task to capture said footage, seeing as how the giant squid generally swims in the open ocean at depths ranging from 400 feet to a half mile deep. Until now we've only seen the animal dead or nearly dead, washed up on shore, or tangled in fishing nets. And now we're gonna actually see one or more, maybe?!

And the accounts, so far, are ... varied, to say the least. The creatures have been described as having "razor-toothed suckers and eyes the size of dinner plates." Another researcher, however, called the squid "shining and so beautiful." But hey, for all we really know, the kraken could be part Kardashian, as one expert put it (sort of):

It has almost never been witnessed swimming freely, feeding, or otherwise going about its cephalopodic business in its natural environment. Consequently, far more is known about the behavior of a creature like, say, Kim Kardashian, than about the world’s largest invertebrate. Females can grow to be about 45 feet long and weigh 600 pounds, while males reach about half that size.

Release the Kardashian? Noooo, we've released enough of them already!

What do you think the Giant Squid will really look like?


Image via Dan Century/Flickr

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poshkat poshkat

Lol. Did he seriously say that??? Freaking awesome diss on Kim Kardashian. I think this is so cool!!! To see something like this is amazing!! Some scientists have been waiting for this for years. To see it live is probably one of the best things ever.

BirdCo BirdCo

How sad is it that a pretty amazing discovery has to piggy back on the fame of a reality show to get coverage.

nonmember avatar HS

This is great and all but I'm more interested in the article from a few days ago that said Bigfoot had been captured and they were taking him to a lab. Whatever came of that?!

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