Teacher Charged With Sexual Battery of Student ... on Multiple Occasions in Her House!


kinsley wentzskyKinsley Wentzsky, a 34-year-old AP English teacher in South Carolina, was recently arrested after it had been suspected that she'd been having an affair with one of her 17-year-old students in her home. Police arrested Wentzsky and charged her with sexual battery on Friday after investigators learned that she allegedly had brought a male student home with her and had sex with him on numerous occasions. Wentzsky is married with two children, and if you're wondering if she's blonde and pretty like every other female teacher who seems to have an affair with their students, you'd be right. Wentzsky is absolutely adorable. And, if these allegations are true, a person with terrible, terrible judgment.

Police issued a warrant for her arrest after one of the parents of the student became suspicious and reported the relationship. Shortly thereafter, the student in question reportedly gave a sworn statement to police detailing the relationship (few of those details have been released though, you dirty bird, you). Turns out, this alleged "assault" has been taking place since last May. (I put assault in quotes, because I really don't think this dude was classifying what was going on with his teacher as assault -- especially after you see her.)

"Assault" aside, though, this woman made a bad, bad choice, man. If this is true, she chose to have sex with one of her students. That's a serious unbalance of power right there. Way more so than boss sleeping with an employee. I mean, teachers, aside from parents, are the people responsible for instilling good, smart values in kids. There is seriously something wrong with this picture. This dude may have had the time of his life with this woman, but there's bound to be something from this that's going to mess him up in the future. Bad move, teach. Baaaad move. 

And another thing: If Kinsley so desperately wanted this dude -- why not just wait until he was 18? I get passion doesn't always work like that, but if she would have just exercised a wee bit of will power, she could have avoided an arrest. Now she messed her family up for life and may go to jail. Bad times all around.

What do you think of this?


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nonmember avatar April

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the author's goal here was to write an inflammatory post and get comments. Otherwise she never would have been dumb enough do generalize about the teachers that perpetrate these crimes. She would have done her research and found that they are of all ages and all appearances. She also wouldn't have made her thickheaded comment about the classification of the crime being based on the teacher's appearance. She would have realized that a flip tone ("you dirty bird, you") is wildly inappropriate for an article of this type. Lastly, she would have omitted her comment about the teacher exercising "self-discipline" and waiting for the kid to graduate. I am a female high school teacher, and I can say with authority that the teacher-student dynamic doesn't just evaporate at the end of a kid's senior year. Our obligation to our students and their well-being NEVER expires. Among the teachers I know, the woman would not be looked upon kindly even if she had waited. So yeah, I'm going to give Ms. Fabian-Weber the benefit of the doubt and say that she knew how dumb she sounded this entire time.

CAP1015 CAP1015

You want facts, jouranalistic standards, common sense?  Wrong blogger!  Of course it would be a lot better to consider it assualt if the teacher is not "adorable".  I'm not going to go into the age of the student, etc. etc.  But the comments about the teachers looks ends any credibility (which was limited at best). 

Great comment Nonmember.


Morga... Morgana_Rose

Factually, the majoritty of the women who committhis type of crime are quite homely.  As an adult, I had a thing for a university lecturer that I had interacted with at his previous retail job, but I waited until the end of the semester to make a move.  I was 25, 26 and he is only a few years me.  Children are children no matter how they look or act, they're off limits.  This article makes it sound like you are conding her actions.  This is a serious problem, whether the child enjoyed the benefits of this "relationship" or not, several serious crimes were comitted and if this woman is found guilty, she should spend life in prison just like any other sex offenders should.

the4m... the4mutts

Smdh.... yes because the teacher being "hot" makes it less of an abuse of her position?

Its statuatory rape either way. If this were a male teacher, you would be up on your soapbox, preaching about how evil the teacher was. April is right, you probably did this just for the comments, and I played right into it.

Making light of a sexual assault is in the poorest of taste, and I hope enough people fall into your little trap, and complain enough that this piece of garbage is removed by your bosses.

I can't believe they pay you to write this junk. You don't deserve a job.

nonmember avatar BGM

I have been a teacher for 17 yrs and have seen teachers both male and female overstep the bounds of what would be considered appropriate interaction with students. In my opinion these acts are all about control and manipulation and have little to do with how "hot" the teacher or student happens to be. When checking into the background of those committing these crimes you often find traumatic circumstances, low self esteem or a loss of control over certain aspects of their lives. So if they can't control their own lives then they attempt to control someone who may willingly and unwittingly allow it to happen. I honestly don't think someone becomes a teacher to sexually abuse but it evolves over time.

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