Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza May Have Worn Earplugs to Block Out His Victims' Screams

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earplugsThere's more sick and strange news out of Newtown, Connecticut today. Investigators looking into the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School have let slip that shooter Adam Lanza wore earplugs when he went on a murderous rampage that claimed 27 innocent lives.

By doing that, Lanza dulled at least one of his senses to the chaos that was unfolding inside that school. He was immune to the chaos he was creating. He had closed himself off to the screams, to the pleas ...


We'll never know exactly.

Lanza destroyed anything that might have helped us understand. We do know he had a form of autism, and loud noises may have bothered him. Or maybe this was simply routine after going to shoot at ranges with his mom (and gun owner) Nancy Lanza. After all, earplugs are standard issue at places like that.

Cops say that it may also be a sign that Lanza never intended to end up as a dead body in the morgue. If he cared about protecting his hearing, they reason, he intended to survive the massacre.

Who knows?

The point is, Adam Lanza couldn't hear what was going on in that school. He didn't hear the sort of noises that should have reminded him that the lives he was destroying were those of little kids, the world's most delicate creatures.

Hearing those little voices probably wouldn't have stopped him. He was quite obviously hellbent on a horrific mission. But as we try to make sense of how someone -- anyone -- could be so evil, I'd like to think that maybe Adam Lanza at least knew what he was doing was wrong, that he plugged up his ears so that he couldn't hear a reminder so strong.

It doesn't explain everything or even that much. But it's something ...

What do you make of this troubling detail?


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rhps2000 rhps2000

I think he just didn't like the guns' loud noise. --Horrible tragedy.

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with RHPS, he probably didnt like the loud noises.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

It was already published that he frequently went to the shooting range with his mother, where earplugs are commonplace. If anything he was just keeping with what he learned, I don't know that I would put any weight in him doing it to intentially drown out noise, or because he thought he'd get out of there alive.

Also, thank you for stating that it was 27 victims instead of 26, everyone seems to forget that his poor mother was the first person that he shot.

purvi... purvislets

I agree 100% with PrettyGirlMeyers.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Gee, it couldnt be because the sound of firing a gun in a closed building can deafen you. It just couldnt be that at all. He probably did it out of habit. Even though he was going to do something terrible, this shows that at least in some aspect he was thinking rationally.

kelti... kelticmom

WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO KNOW THIS??? Honestly, we know all we need to know about him. He was sick, evil, and murdered his own mom, 6 teachers and 20 precious babies. We don't need every sickening detail of how he did it.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Your writing, questions and comments are criminal!  Your blogs are tantamount to watching a carwreck!  I wished to God I had the fortitude to never read your crap again.  You are vile, inaccurate and a fooking moron.

BTW even when wearing the earplugs you can still hear!!!!! They provide a level of protection for high decimal levels they do not block total sound! 


Honestly do you ever read what you write after it's done and before you hit submit?

nonmember avatar My Turn

Wow CAP1015 that was a bit harsh. But you have a point. She jumped a mile to that conclusion. Whoever I have shot a gun, I always used hearing protection. And if he and his mom were going to the gun range as much as was reported than putting on some kind of hearing protection would just be natural. And it would have nothing to do with blocking out screams or the pleas.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Non member, I agree it was harsh but to get to this point you would have to read her prior similar postings.  Her blogs are always filled with inaccurate information, assumptions, and just plain borderline criminal insuations.  this hit me very hard, as a father this horrific event is mind boggling to me the pain and anquish of the poor parents/families must be in.  And then to write a blog that is basically trying to read the mind of the creature that did this and then say the words "block out the screams of his victims" much more pain would that cause a hurting parent/family member?  And for what for a stupid, poorly written, and totally insane blog by someone who seems possessed with writing things to grab peoples attention like the headline of a National Enquirer in the check out line..............she does this over and over........she has no shame and no feelings for others, if she did she would actually try and understand my point.

nonmember avatar Mark

Just another reminder that the investigation has not been released and the sickening use of this event to propel preexisting gun confiscation plans deserves the harshest admonishment. Just as Obama refused to comment on Benghazi until the investigation was completed, it is hypocritical to treat Sandy Hook any differently. No surrender on 2nd Amendment - EVER - not an inch.

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