Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza May Have Worn Earplugs to Block Out His Victims' Screams

earplugsThere's more sick and strange news out of Newtown, Connecticut today. Investigators looking into the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School have let slip that shooter Adam Lanza wore earplugs when he went on a murderous rampage that claimed 27 innocent lives.

By doing that, Lanza dulled at least one of his senses to the chaos that was unfolding inside that school. He was immune to the chaos he was creating. He had closed himself off to the screams, to the pleas ...



We'll never know exactly.

Lanza destroyed anything that might have helped us understand. We do know he had a form of autism, and loud noises may have bothered him. Or maybe this was simply routine after going to shoot at ranges with his mom (and gun owner) Nancy Lanza. After all, earplugs are standard issue at places like that.

Cops say that it may also be a sign that Lanza never intended to end up as a dead body in the morgue. If he cared about protecting his hearing, they reason, he intended to survive the massacre.

Who knows?

The point is, Adam Lanza couldn't hear what was going on in that school. He didn't hear the sort of noises that should have reminded him that the lives he was destroying were those of little kids, the world's most delicate creatures.

Hearing those little voices probably wouldn't have stopped him. He was quite obviously hellbent on a horrific mission. But as we try to make sense of how someone -- anyone -- could be so evil, I'd like to think that maybe Adam Lanza at least knew what he was doing was wrong, that he plugged up his ears so that he couldn't hear a reminder so strong.

It doesn't explain everything or even that much. But it's something ...

What do you make of this troubling detail?


Image via David Masters/Flickr

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