Steubenville, Ohio Is the Most Hated Town in America Thanks to Online Hackers

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Steubenville rapeSteubenville, Ohio isn't the first place one might think of when they think of a rape scandal. It's a small steel town on the Ohio River where the football team is one of the few glories the town still has left. Now, it isn't steel or football that is making the town famous. It's a rape scandal.

On Saturday, throngs of protesters in Guy Fawkes masks descended on the town, fighting what they say was the unconscionable treatment of an alleged rape victim and her family. The case was made public, first by The New York Times and then by KnightSec, a hacker group that specifically targets rapists and some say harassed officials in Steubenville. They released a (disgusting, disturbing) YouTube video showing a Steubenville baseball player laughing about rape and an assault that allegedly happened last August.

Thanks to social media, the case has now blown up and Steubenville is being accused of aborting justice in the name of football. But is that a fair accusation?

The facts are: High school sophomore football players are accused of molesting a very drunk, nearly unconscious 16-year-old girl and using their cellphones to record it all.

The girl's family claims they have been harassed, intimidated, and threatened by citizens of the town who feel she wasn't sufficiently traumatized to call it "rape." Even from the news pieces, it's clear that many in the town are angry with the girl and not with the players. The Daily Beast quotes one resident saying:

F*ck that protest. F*ck those people with their masks on. And you can quote me on that.

It's easy to understand why he might be angry. Suddenly, hundreds of thousands of people who never even heard of Steubenville a few weeks ago are furious and calling for blood. A hacker group like KnightSec fuels online vigilantism, which can be a very bad thing when the accused have yet to even face a full trial and jury.

It all makes sense. But the reality of the situation is that these boys could have been unpunished and this girl would have been vilified for life had KnightSec not stepped in. Social media is bringing a whole other level of accountability to people. Remember Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor from last June? Without social media and viral video, no one would have ever known what that poor woman faced at the hands of those kid.

It's a tough dilemma. No one wants to see innocent people go down. But we also live in a society where things like rape can go unpunished given certain circumstances. How is that fair?

If social media encourages more civility in real life, then what is wrong with that? If these boys are found guilty and get locked up, then KnightSec will be the reason.

We'd like to think our justice system is infallible and that guilty people are always punished. But we could all name 100 stories where that isn't true. Steubenville may hate the media spotlight, but the unwillingness to apologize and the continued harassment of a young, scared 16-year-old girl proves they lose their say in what happens a long time ago.

Hacker groups may be ugly. They may go against some of our ideals. But they get the job done. And here, they may make all the difference.

Do you think hacker groups should be exposing things like this?


Image via Ohio Office of Redevelopment/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Darly314

billsfan blames the victim, accepts gang violence. billsfan could be the next victim, gangs do not discriminate. This gang has spread out across Ohio. Good luck, gang lovers.

nonmember avatar billsfoe1104

It really does you service if you bother to read more than press releases and stuff that people within the Big Red system have released. Try investigative journalism and what others have discovered through utilizing their specialty, which happens to be hacking (the same activity that the Federal Government uses against terrorist cells and foreign intelligence agencies).

The fact is, you have a mountain of evidence that the football students themselves gave the night of the attack, then tried to cover up (WELCOME TO THE 21st CENTURY, WHERE NOTHING IS DELETABLE THANKS TO THE INTERNET, JOCKS). Evidence irrefutable.

Then comes the youtube evidence, in which one of the former high school students gave a full confession. That's irrefutable. It doesn't take a 20 year criminal investigator with a tech team to analyze the authenticity of the video. The video is so clear and pristine that the evidence speaks for itself, quite literally.

So what is missing? Anonymous exposed the truth that everyone tried to hide. The only lies are those told by the good Sheriff.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@billsfan you come off as victim blaming with all your fantastic hindsight. Of course this girl knows she now she should not have been in this situation. But come on teaching a boy to fun fast and far from a drunk girl really? How about being that one person able to stand up for someone else. I would never teach my son to look the other way when he sees something he knows is wrong. I also cannot help but notice you never once say how boys should not be drinking, double standard much. Yes girls should look out for their own best interest but it is ludicrous for them to have to dress and act a certain way simply because they are female.

nonmember avatar Darly314

"Jane Doe was administered a "date rape" drug snuck into her drink almost immediately, possibly while still in the vehicle en route to the nights "festivities". In any case, she has no memories after being picked up. "
The child didn't even know she had been sexually battered until the Rape Crew Gang bragged about their crimes. billsfan may accept gang violence, Abdalla APPEARS to, but AMERICANS do NOT.

doodledo doodledo

Absolutely I think they should have exposed the truth and thats all they did. Thank you Anonymous. Good job!

doodledo doodledo

And criminal dumbasses beware! If you make videos bragging and relishing in your crimes you too may be exposed. There is no such thing as online privacy.

nonmember avatar Stella

billsfan: I hope you realize now how wrong you were with your earlier comments. This poor girl was not "sloppy drunk," she was drugged with a date rape drug. And as far as your diatribe about waiting for justice, it was clear that justice was not going to be done in the case. You really should do some research before you make comments or you will be the target of every person on these boards, as has happened on this story. Have you noticed?

nonmember avatar Kristin

Instead of parents teaching their girls not to get too drunk, why don't they teach their boys that it is NEVER okay to take advantage of someone like that.

nonmember avatar sabes09

I think its funny how people say 'she was drunk.' 'Her parents should of taught her not to be in those kinds of situations'. K, I get it but how many of you drank underage, how many of you went behind your parents back and did some pretty stupid things? Shes a kid, kids do that. Just because she was drinking underage doesn't give anyone the right being a football player or not to do that to her or ANYONE for that matter. This is sick, what's next? I am going off what I read here and I'm not going to debate anything bc its pointless. But if this happened in August and just recently this came up bc of this 'hacker group' then how long would it of took for their police force to ACTUALLY take action. Rape isn't a joke, but apparently there it is. Teach kids some fucking respect for others. What if this happened to your daughter? Look at your kids and imagine. Or put yourself in that girls shoes, I'm sure she knows she shouldn't of drank but she didn't ask to get raped multiple times. No one deserves that. Not even an apology? Even though it would really help anyhow but still, no remorse? There's something wrong with these kids. At 16 years old you know right from wrong. Okay, drinking underage is wrong..but there's a big gap between raping a girl repeatedly and drinking underage morally.

nonmember avatar fb

billsfan - while I do not have all the information from what I understand the girl was not drunk but drugged as soon as she left volleyball practice on the way to the party. It was an act of revenge based on her breaking up with on of the boys a few weeks prior.

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