No Women Among Obama’s Advisors? What’s Up With That? (PHOTO)

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Maybe President Obama should borrow one or two of Mitt Romney’s binders full of women, because there’s clearly a shortage of females among his top staff. The White House recently released a photo on its Flickr account with the caption: "In the Oval Office, the President meets with senior advisors to discuss the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations."

There are 11 men in the picture and exactly zero females.

Side note: What is the deal with those couches and the laminated brick-looking coffee table? He can decorate however he wants, and that’s what he chooses? To each their own, I guess.

Design sense aside, let’s use a little common sense and ascertain how Obama really feels about women. One of my biggest pet peeves about the president is that he says one thing and then does another. On the campaign trail, he said he supports women’s rights, but then he failed to actually employ any of them at senior staff levels.

In his first term, he tried to pass the Lily Ledbetter Act, which would have guaranteed equal pay for equal work (which is redundant because we already have laws that do that, but whatever), yet he paid his own female staff 18 percent less than the males in 2011. The average salary for women working for Obama was $60,000, which is $11,000 short of the $71,000 average enjoyed by the men. Equality! Or something.

President Obama says he supports a woman’s right to choose, but then he passes legislation like Obamacare, which prohibits women (and men!) from making their own health care decisions. What if I don’t want or need health insurance at this stage of my life, Mr. President? Too bad for me -- now I have no choice.

Actions speak louder than words, and I have a hard time taking seriously a man who says he values women but then doesn’t trust them on his economic advisory team.

Do you think President Obama should employ more female advisors?

Image via Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

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nonmember avatar Cass

If I remember correctly, he has had female advisors before. Equality isn't about affirmative action- at least not in my mind. If the most qualified people are men, then that's who should be advising the president.

tbruc... tbrucemom

Not surprised. Of course, you won't hear about this in the mainstream media, even though they had a field day with Romney's "binders full of women" when all he did was try and explain that he actively was seeking qualified women for his administration.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Regarding your 18% less comment, if you compare men and women doing THE SAME JOB, there is equality. I'm not sure why you're comparing the salaries of men and women doing different jobs. All that shows is that different jobs pay different amounts, which is not news.

lulou lulou

This pic shows 11, he has 75 or so.

As for the "he failed to actually employ any of them at senior staff levels" he has, on both his campaign staff and in the white house.  That does not equal 0 females.  So while I would like to see more equal numbers, I also support Obama's STEM initiatives.

And anyone who works at a "senior" level knows, those jobs arent about a resume in a binder, its about your network.  For Romney or his leadership team to not know of any senior women or have upandcomers in a pipeline, speaks louder than words also.

nonmember avatar Truth Teller

Are you too stupid to realize that President Obama has a lot more then 11 advisors? Or are you being deliberately disingenuous?

tinyp... tinypossum

Actually, 8 out of the 22 cabinet positions are held by women. Did you do ANY research before you wrote this? 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Maybe HE needs some binders full of women. *snort*

tinyp... tinypossum

Also, his two Deputy Chiefs of Staff are female, as is his Chief Advisor. So, yeah.

wamom223 wamom223

Calm down lefty's and pay attention.  The caption reads that he met with his top advisers over the fiscal cliff, and all Jenny is pointing out is there isn't a women present as one of the top advisers on the fiscal cliff discussion. We aren't discussing how many advisors he has in all, we are talking about who was present to advise him on the fiscal cliff crisis.   It is crazy how zealous the President's followers are.  

tinyp... tinypossum

Way to try to cover Jenny's ass. We all know what she was attempting to convey with this mess. Pretending something else makes you as ridiculous as she is. And BTW Jenny, making a comment like "maybe I don't want or need health insurance right now" shows just how clueless you are. Let's ask the uninsured person who just got in a serious car crash whether she thought she needed health insurance. What a stupid, shortsighted thing to write. 

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