Man Pricks Holes in Girlfriend's Condoms & Goes to Jail for Getting Her Pregnant

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condomsGot a creepy ex-boyfriend story? Hopefully it doesn't come close to this one. Craig Jaret Hutchinson is facing 18 months in jail after he pricked holes in his girlfriend's condoms. The girlfriend -- well ex-girlfriend these days -- ended up pregnant with a baby she never wanted and ended up getting an abortion.

Hutchinson, meanwhile, was hauled into court. He's been convicted on charges of sexual assault. What in heaven's name would make a guy think this was OK?

Apparently Hutchinson and the woman identified only as N.C. had been together nine months and things were getting a little rocky. He told cops in Nova Scotia he thought a baby would bring them back together.

So he forced her to have unprotected sex without her consent?

Not the answer, folks. Not even close. Obviously the key to any relationship is trust, and Hutchinson violated that one big time.

But this particular method -- sabotaging birth control -- is troubling because it stole away this woman's right to choose what happens to her own body. Sure, she said yes to sex, but she very deliberately made use of condoms because she was not ready for what results when having unprotected sex. And then she was stuck dealing with that aftermath anyway because her boyfriend was a sicko!

N.C. had to go through the heartwrenching decision of having an abortion she never should have had to have, an abortion she was actively trying to prevent just as she was trying to prevent pregnancy by using condoms.

What Hutchinson -- and really anyone -- needs to learn is that you can't make someone else's decisions for them. We have free will, free reign over our own bodies. Violating that is violating the most personal of human rights.

Does this qualify as a crime worth 18 months in jail in your book?


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Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

But, he didn't sexually assault her. She had CONSENTUAL sex with him. Yes, it's creepy and wrong that he poked holes in the condom, but how is this different from a girl lying to a guy about being on the pill and getting pregnant with a baby he doesn't want? I know at least three people who have done this, shouldn't they also be convicted of sexual assault???

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Yep, if this is sexual assault then so is not taking a pill. It's a slippery slope. If popping a condom is sexual assault then so is saying you're on the pill but not taking it. If that's assault then what about knowingly taking antibiotics while on the pill knowing it decreases the effectiveness? How about having sex without checking IUD strings to make sure it's in place?

It's a jerk move for sure but it's not assault. Even without the holes she could have wound up pregnant using condoms, there's always a risk.

nonmember avatar kat

The difference here is that he did this fully intending to get her pregnant... without her consent. That's the point. If she's using condoms, clearly she doesn't want a baby at the moment, and while it's true that she could get pregnant while using condoms, it's highly unlikely unless the condom was made ineffective, as it was, here.

I do believe that coercing your partner into a pregnancy they don't want to (or maybe even can't--what if this had really endangered her health?) handle should be held as a criminal offense for BOTH genders. And sexual assault works here because the sex was essentially had without protection. I can't think of any way this translates to a nonsexual situation. (Other than maybe coercing someone not to wear a seatbelt? At the end of the day, though, that's still ultimately their choice, and really hard to trick someone who wants to stay buckled up into doing.)

Karma... KarmaGrant

The only way to make sure she doesn't get pregnant before she's ready is to NOT HAVE SEX. Condoms, the pill, IUDs...nothing is 100%. Yes what he did was wrong but he'd not have had the opportunity if she wasn't doing the deed.

Also she didn't have to have an abortion. She could have went the adoption route.

jalaz77 jalaz77

He was in the wrong and should serve time, just to prove a point that he messed with a human life just because things aren't going his way. Their relationship was "rocky" so she continued to have sex with him?? Why wasn't she on the pill since condoms and/or the pill are not 100% fool proof, it just increases the protection using both.


By the way Rhonda there is only 1 antibiotic that decreases the effectivness of the pill, 1. So if a woman says she got pregs because of that I would questions her....I have to look up the antibiotic again can't remember which one it is.

nonmember avatar krelia

Where is the jail time for the crazy women who poke holes in condoms?

nonmember avatar KD

In this instance, I think sexual assault is appropriate because being pregnant is the most intimate thing that a woman can experience and forcing that level of intimacy on someone else should never be acceptable.

If the tables had been turned and she was the one that intentionally damaged the birth control, she should be in jail for fraud, but not sexual assault as he wouldn't get pregnant, but would be responsible for financial support.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Good point, krelia. If the roles were reversed, this wouldn't even be such a big issue. And the man would be on the hook for child support.

jessa... jessasmamma

While I think it's creepy, what happens to the women who poke holes in condoms and get pregnant? I don't see them getting arrested, etc. I think this is ridiculous. If she REALLY didn't want to have a baby - don't have sex. 

Also, condom's break. Why couldn't she be on the pill AND use condoms? How were they even able to prove that HE poked holes in the condoms? This is such a weird story. 

jessa... jessasmamma

I just read the linked article and saw where he texted her and admitted he sabotaged the condoms, so now I feel stupid for asking that question lol my bad

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