Man Pricks Holes in Girlfriend's Condoms & Goes to Jail for Getting Her Pregnant

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condomsGot a creepy ex-boyfriend story? Hopefully it doesn't come close to this one. Craig Jaret Hutchinson is facing 18 months in jail after he pricked holes in his girlfriend's condoms. The girlfriend -- well ex-girlfriend these days -- ended up pregnant with a baby she never wanted and ended up getting an abortion.

Hutchinson, meanwhile, was hauled into court. He's been convicted on charges of sexual assault. What in heaven's name would make a guy think this was OK?

Apparently Hutchinson and the woman identified only as N.C. had been together nine months and things were getting a little rocky. He told cops in Nova Scotia he thought a baby would bring them back together.

So he forced her to have unprotected sex without her consent?

Not the answer, folks. Not even close. Obviously the key to any relationship is trust, and Hutchinson violated that one big time.

But this particular method -- sabotaging birth control -- is troubling because it stole away this woman's right to choose what happens to her own body. Sure, she said yes to sex, but she very deliberately made use of condoms because she was not ready for what results when having unprotected sex. And then she was stuck dealing with that aftermath anyway because her boyfriend was a sicko!

N.C. had to go through the heartwrenching decision of having an abortion she never should have had to have, an abortion she was actively trying to prevent just as she was trying to prevent pregnancy by using condoms.

What Hutchinson -- and really anyone -- needs to learn is that you can't make someone else's decisions for them. We have free will, free reign over our own bodies. Violating that is violating the most personal of human rights.

Does this qualify as a crime worth 18 months in jail in your book?


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nonmember avatar Amanda

What he did was dumb and wrong. I am a woman BTW. But I'm going to say this she still killed someone who had a heart beat and brain waves and could feel pain. I think abortion should be illegal and she should be in jail right now. Does he deserve jail no does he deserve punishment... yes. Maybe probation at most. She said yes to sex she should have know the risk even with a condom. She could have given the baby up to someone who wants it. She didn't have to kill it. My thoughts take or leave them.

nonmember avatar fossafun

The "Difference" is ...When a woman is creepy and deceives a lover in order to get pregnant, she is NOT putting a parasite in anyones body but her own. She is not forcing someone ELSE to get fat and go through labor, blah, blah, blah and DUH.
"How is it any different".....yeeeeesh. Stop being so stupid everyone who wrote a comment to this F()C!

nonmember avatar Fossafun

Aaaah YOU do NOT know "It" had a heart beat and brain waves and could feel pain. She may have aborted the fetus in a stage of development prior to these developments. Calm down.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Legally, this sounds like sexual assault to me because of his fraud. Her consent isn't legally valid because he lied to her about the actual sexual act by sabotaging the condoms; he made her believe that they were having protected sex (from both pregnancy and STDs) by using condoms that were normally effective, when in fact they might as well have not been using condoms at all for all the good they would do. Sure, she "could" have gotten pregnant even using condoms that hadn't been tampered with, but the odds are much, much lower. There is a big difference between using birth control that isn't 100% effective and using no birth control at all (which using condoms with holes in them is for all intents and purposes).

And Alicia, seriously? I'd way rather my boyfriend cheat on me than screw with my birth control in order to get me pregnant when he knew I didn't want to get pregnant. I wouldn't want to be with anyone who would try to trick me into having a kid I didn't want, anyway, and anyone who would want a creep like that could have at him.

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

While I think that 18 months for what this jack ass did isn't enough time, but this happened in Canada, so their laws obviously differ than those of the U.S. Had it happened here, he would have gotten a much harsher punishment and made to be a registered sex offender the rest of his life knowing no other woman will trust him. If he is even lucky enough to be in another relationship.

thund... thunderthys

When I was 19 I was dating the wrong guy. When I met him he was 25 when his birthday rolled around he said he was turning 25 when I finily got time alone with his mom I found out he was 30. I wanted out but needed to save money so I could afford to move. We still had sex. Cause I was trying to avoid conflict. After sex one day he filled the condom with water said my name and showed me how the water leeked out the holes he push into them he said he had been monotering my period and knew he could get me pragnet. Come to find out I was. I was scared I was in no place to have a child. So I had an abortion. I'm 37 now and I haven't been able to get pragnet I wonder if getting an abortion cause it. And to think I could have pressed charges. I made a back choice that I'm still paying for today.

nonmember avatar monica

Okay, first of all to all of you saying that he shouldn't get jail time, I disagree. Sexual assault is any sort of sexual act that makes a woman or man uncomfortable. He most likely won't be a registered sex offender, there's a difference. You guys say women that lie about being on the pill should go to jail also, but think about it. This guy thought ahead and had to do an actual act that took thought to poke holes in the condom. Ninety nine percent of the time when women lie about their birth control, its in the heat of the moment when they aren't thinking clearly. Or if they had forgotten to take it one day. So there's a major difference between this man's actions and a women and her birth control. Unless however she premeditated the idea as well, and police could prove it, then she deserves jail time.

nonmember avatar Dave

It is quite a slippery slope as pointed out if a woman says she is on the pill or other Birth control a man gets her pregnant should there be criminal charges? Usually it "too bad so sad" for the guy. Is there a law against unprotected sex? You may need a lawyer in the bedroom or other romantic location before engaging in sex.
What the guy did is most certainly wrong, but against the law, not sure.

nonmember avatar Duh

She consented to having PROTECTED sex with him. He violated that consent by sabotaging the condoms. She did not consent to having unprotected sex with him, and that is what he forced on her.

Birth control sabotage is a recognized form of abuse. Come on.

Elizabeth N Franklin

While I find his behavior deplorable, I don't consider it sexual assault. Some sort of fraud, or other charge but this degrades what women who are assaulted go through. I am by no means saying that this woman did not go through something horrible but at the same time there should be something else to convict him of. If this is an educated woman she should have known that the abstinance or a complete hysterectomy is the only way to truly prevent pregnancy. While I feel that this guy is an ass and deserves to be punished I think that the law should catch up and figure out a different thing to charge him with. 

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