Man Pricks Holes in Girlfriend's Condoms & Goes to Jail for Getting Her Pregnant

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condomsGot a creepy ex-boyfriend story? Hopefully it doesn't come close to this one. Craig Jaret Hutchinson is facing 18 months in jail after he pricked holes in his girlfriend's condoms. The girlfriend -- well ex-girlfriend these days -- ended up pregnant with a baby she never wanted and ended up getting an abortion.

Hutchinson, meanwhile, was hauled into court. He's been convicted on charges of sexual assault. What in heaven's name would make a guy think this was OK?

Apparently Hutchinson and the woman identified only as N.C. had been together nine months and things were getting a little rocky. He told cops in Nova Scotia he thought a baby would bring them back together.

So he forced her to have unprotected sex without her consent?

Not the answer, folks. Not even close. Obviously the key to any relationship is trust, and Hutchinson violated that one big time.

But this particular method -- sabotaging birth control -- is troubling because it stole away this woman's right to choose what happens to her own body. Sure, she said yes to sex, but she very deliberately made use of condoms because she was not ready for what results when having unprotected sex. And then she was stuck dealing with that aftermath anyway because her boyfriend was a sicko!

N.C. had to go through the heartwrenching decision of having an abortion she never should have had to have, an abortion she was actively trying to prevent just as she was trying to prevent pregnancy by using condoms.

What Hutchinson -- and really anyone -- needs to learn is that you can't make someone else's decisions for them. We have free will, free reign over our own bodies. Violating that is violating the most personal of human rights.

Does this qualify as a crime worth 18 months in jail in your book?


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nonmember avatar J

I agree with other posters, obviously this is creepy and he should have to pay some sort of restitution. BUT as other's have pointed out, what about women who either lie about birth control or poke holes in condoms to get pregnant and then sue the father for child support for 18 years? How is that right. That is assault on a man just as much as it would be in this case. He used comdoms to prevent pregnancy, she gets prego by poking holes and then he has to pay? Sounds like a huge double standard.

nonmember avatar J

And guess what? She chose to have sex. Since NO birth control is 100% there is ALWAYS a chance you could get pregnant. Doesn't matter if you want to or not. If you don't want to deal with the consequences, don't do the deed.

aReal... aRealteenMother

If a woman lies about birth control or pokes holes in condoms so that a man will get her pregnant, SHE gets pregnant, not him. If it can be proved, then she shouldn't be able to get child support from him, but considering she really only caused something negative to happen to herself, I don't think she should get jail time.

For a man to poke holes in the condom to get her pregnant actually violates her body. She now has to go through either an unwanted pregnancy (and pregnancy is hell) or an abortion, which is generally emotionally traumatic. So, yes, he should get jail time.

adiggs87 adiggs87

Wow! So mu

nonmember avatar Tamara

I don't think it is sexual assualt. I am a woman and while I would be pissed I still had consented to having sex. I've read the comments about people saying he put bodily fluids into her.. Well what about kissing or oral sex? Just because there were holes in the condomns doesn't mean she she would have gotten pregenant. Yes it increased the risk. And as the other's said if she was concerned about getting pregnant I would suggest to use birth control and condomns which would double to protection and protect against STD's. BUT the sex was still consensual. I could see maybe emotional trauma but to go to jail for 18 months is crazy. And to say it isnt sexual assualt when a woman pokes holes in a condomn to get pregnant is a double standard. If the whole argument is that he introduced bodily fluids into her well if there are holes in the condomn then a woman is introducing her bodily fluids to that man and should be held to the same standards. Yes there should be some punishment, probabtion and most diffently some form of counseling so this doesnt happen again.

nonmember avatar Frank

Always use TWO forms of birth control.

nonmember avatar KLT

I definitely agree with "ARealTeenMother"'s comments. She would be the one either going through the trauma of an abortion, or going thru the physical and emotional changes of bearing a child she didn't want. A man doesn't have to go through all that. However, if a woman purposely lies and gets pregnant and she proves it, the man should not be held responsible for child support; a lot of times, that kind of woman sees the baby as a meal ticket. This man deserves jail time. I was a victim of something similar but was lucky I didn't get pregnant.

nonmember avatar Alicia

This is crazy and stupid yes but honestly its better then him cheating on her and getting another woman pg. just goes to show he wanted a baby with her no one else. And as far as it being sexual assault thats just stupid considering she obviously consented to having sex in the first place. Just goes to show whose side they are really on

ladyb... ladybumblebee

Yes!!!  and I can not believe any woman would defend this man!!!    Parenting is a HUGE responsibility!!!  Condoms were in the mix for a reason...  I get this!!  Especially as a mom, and a mom who parents alone and as a woman who has been there.  I made it VERY clear that It's not that I cannot get pregnant It's that I shouldn't.  Although, he didn't poke holes, it was just taken off w/o me knowing as well I thought it was being used and it wasn't.  Now,  I don't believe in abortion.  I have a 5th child who is awesome, but I wasn't ready.  To top it off he obviously wasn't either, since he has spent a total of 48hrs. and 5 mins parenting her.  I do it ALONE. Neither of us deserved this.  Do I believe this man deserves jail???   I love my daughter, but yes!!!

ahleah ahleah

the tools have been reversed in the pastpast.  a woman saved the sperm from oral sex, as they never really had intercourse, and impregnated herself.  the man was able to sure her, but is now forced by the court to pay child support.  in no way is what this man did ok, but it is unacceptable that he should get punished when this other women and more like her get off Scott free.

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