Gabby Giffords' Visit to Newtown Is Not About Politics or Gun Control

Gabby GiffordsIf anyone understands what it's like to be gunned down in the midst of a normal day, it's former representative Gabrielle Giffords from Arizona. She is planning a trip to Newtown on Friday to meet privately with families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims. And while the crazy gun nuts who defend guns against all logic will call this move "political," anyone with a bit of compassion has to realize this is about love. Not politics.

Giffords was shot in 2011 when a crazed gunman opened fire at a political rally, killing six people and wounding more than a dozen others, including Representative Giffords. Since then, Giffords has become a fierce advocate of better gun control. But it's more than that, too.

The shootings in Newtown, Connecticut have touched us all. The faces of every one of those 26 innocent victims are burned into our brains and we grieve as a nation. But no one knows what it's like better than Giffords.

Since Giffords was shot nearly two years ago, there have been a number of shootings, most notably the one in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater that killed 12 people and then Newtown where 20 school children and six of their educators were gunned down in a place of education.

We live in a sick, sick environment where this is almost "normal." And the fact is, the victim list is growing. It is, unfortunately, the kind of thing one simply cannot understand unless they have been through it.

To survive something like this is unimaginable. The guilt must be overwhelming. One must ask themselves: why am I alive while so many others are dead?

For Giffords, I am sure meeting with the families is something she must do from a loving place. Anyone who accuses her of "furthering her agenda" or using Newtown to push a gun control agenda (like these crazy people) is almost surely insane. How could anyone lack the basic human compassion it takes to realize this is part of Giffords' own emotional healing?

For her, gun control isn't a political issue. It isn't about 20 men shaking in their boots that someone might regulate their toy. It isn't lashing out for political gain.

This is deeply personal. Giffords was shot in the head. By a gun. Anyone who can't understand why she would need to go to Newtown has obviously never been through anything like that.

No one can understand what it's like except people who have been there. Unless you have been shot while trying to go about your business on a beautiful day, then you have no business judging anyone who has and the way they respond to that trauma.

My heart goes out to Giffords and I am grateful she survived so that she can help so many others heal.

Do you think this visit is "political"?


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bills... billsfan1104

You know I would be kinda upset, if my kid died in this massacre, and the media and politicians used my kids death to further their anti-constitution agenda.  I am not saying that this is what Giffords is doing, but how much gun control would of stopped any of these shootings???  And its not just 20 men worried about their toys being taken away.  NIce way to reduce it to that. 

lasombrs lasombrs

While I doubt you can take politics away from her visit since she is in politics and its attached to everything she does I think its more to show them that in a few years they will be in a better place with all that has happened, come to terms with it and continue to move forwardw hile never forgetting. I think it would help to speak to someone who has actually been there before

Karma... KarmaGrant

So the writer says not judge unless you've been through something like that but in the same breath judges those advocating to keep their guns, calling them crazy. Yes because insulting people who don't share your beliefs is acceptable. Wait, no it's not.

In all honesty, I don't care why or that Gifford is going. It's her business where she goes. My problem is for all the screaming that it isn't political the media is sure making sure we know a politician is making the visit.

quinn007 quinn007

You are very naive if you think for one second this is not, at least in part, a political move. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

You have GOT to be kidding me. You link to a site called "Storm Front", where their tag line is "White Pride Worldwide", and then expect us to take you seriously???

Enough, Sasha. YOU are as bad as all of those "gun nuts" you despise so deeply. You refuse to admit any logic into this debate. "Just get rid of the guns" is your mantra. But when asked HOW, you have no answer. Do you really think that if we "got rid of all the guns" that would really solve the problem?

Ms. Giffords wasn't "shot in the head by a gun", she was shot in the head by a CRAZED MADMAN who used a gun. BIG DIFFERENCE. That madman could have done the same amount of damage using a car, plowing it into a crowd of innocent people, but I don't see you calling all drivers "car nuts".

As for Ms. Giffords visiting this school? Yes, it's personal for her. But it's also political. If it wasn't, there would be no press releases, no photo ops, no word at all that she is doing this. It would be done quietly, and only the families would be involved.

And shame on YOU for using this school, these children, to further YOUR political agenda, and at the same time, condemn those who believe in the Constitutional Right to defend ourselves.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I am so glad she is doing ok

nonmember avatar Chris

You're judgemental tone in the article diminishes any credibility of points in the article. For example your statement "And while the crazy gun nuts who defend guns against all logic will call this move "political," anyone with a bit of compassion has to realize this is about love. Not politics." Calling people who exercise there CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS crazy and nuts while in the same sentence talking about compassion is both ingorant and insensitive on your part. Many people who choose to bear arms have been victims of crimes and subsequently choose to arm themselves. Where is your compassion for them. It sounds like you are a crazy ANTI-gun nut, no?

Priya... Priyankarox

Hasn't Newtown suffered enough? Publicity-hound Giffords & her baldy husband are always looking for face-time.

nonmember avatar andie

@bills, why do you call anyone who calls for more gun control "anti-constitution?" The constitution does not give us the right to have any type of defense that we please. You can't have a nuclear weapon, right? Most Americans in favor of gun control would never say that all guns should be taken from citizens. But some common sense laws wouldn't be going against the constitution. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, does it? It seems like intelligent people should be able to work together to find a middle ground.

nonmember avatar Laura S.

I agree with several of the above comments. I think it's great that Giffords is offering to meet with the families. I don't see a need for anyone else to be told about the meeting.

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