Cops Banned From Denny's for the Most Unbelievable Reason (VIDEO)

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police gunThere will be no Grand Slam breakfast feasts for police officers in Belleville, Illinois, anymore. The chief of police there has banned police officers from dining at Denny's after the chain told a group of officers they couldn't bring their guns into the restaurant.

It all started when five detectives who were on duty but not in uniform were out for a meal. A customer spotted a gun on one of the officers and alerted the restaurant. That makes sense, and good for the customer, but what happened next makes no sense at all.

According to WTVR, even after they explained that they were police officers and had their badges displayed and police radios on the table, the manager said that guns weren't allowed in the restaurant no matter what. She said they had to secure the firearms in the car or leave. How insane is that?

If ever there was an ideal customer, you would think an officer of the law would be it. They're generally law abiding folks, and others tend to behave when they see one around because everyone knows they're packing heat. I think even the most adamant gun opponent would say that if anyone should have a gun it's a police officer. So why any manager would ask them to leave once they knew they were police is incredible.

Before the officers left, the general manager came out and said it was a mistake, but at that point the officers had lost their appetite and left.The police chief was furious after the incident, and banned his officers from eating at Denny's. He told WTVR:

It’s absolutely a slap in the face I totally agree it’s completely disrespectful. How can anyone think to tell a police officer you can’t be in here with your gun its absurd to me.

Since then, Denny's corporate office has issued  a statement saying that the manager made a mistake, and didn't realize they were police officers at first. They said their national policy is to allow officers to carry weapons, which is good to hear, and I hope they're able to work something out with the officers. It does seem to be just the mistake of one manager, and with apology from the chain, an all out ban seems to be a little bit overboard. For now though, I'm guessing the IHOP or Perkins is pretty happy with the extra business.

Do you think police officers should be banned from carrying weapons anywhere? Do you think the police chief banning officers from eating at Denny's after this incident was an overreaction?


Image via WTVR

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Bridg... Bridget1981

I would have to hazard a guess that that manager's days are numbered as a Denny's employee.

nonmember avatar katie

Why did the customer feel the need to tell anyone? People are allowed to carry concealed weapons with a license.

Nelli... NellieAthome

The police chief over reacted. Just as he does not want his police department judged by one officer who makes a mistake he should not punish Denny's because one employee was misinformed. Particularly as the issue was resolved  before the officers even left the restaurant.

nonmember avatar MO Mom

This NEVER should have been an issue. Police officers ARE allowed to carry guns, it's a known fact. Personally, if I was there, I would feel less safer knowing the policemen were unarmed. Also, this is my hometown so that's a bit embarrassing.

Sweet... Sweetie1216

That's a sure sign that the U.S. is starting to take a dump! When someone walks in with a gun that isn't a cop, then what?

dixie... dixiechick2

I've seen and heard this on the local news. Now the same Denny's is offering free meals to law enforcement.

sand008 sand008

I would rather have a cop exposing his gun, then a random person concealing it.


nonmember avatar Chris

When asked to leave, The cops should have left. PERIOD.COPS SUCK!

SaphireH SaphireH

cops suck or not if all of thier guns are locked up in their cars and some loony comes in and shoots up the place well they are all screwed because they cant get their guns in time.. i am not a huge fan of cops especially after two bogus tickets  husband got 1 being we were hit in a grocery store parking lot by some old lady not paying attention to what she was doing and the only reason the cops were called because her husband threatened to kick my ass and i was 4 months pregnant at the time, my husbands ass and the asses of the 2 witnesses because he swore over and over it was our fault even though we were stopped for other cars and a few pedestrians she still hit us, and the witnesses stuck around to tell the cop the lady was at fault but we still got the 200 dollar ticket and we also got a $400 speeding ticket that was to someone a few cars before us but since they took off we got it, god knows how you get cited for going 45 in a 30 when you are slowing down  for a red light but no matter how pissed off we r at cops, they are there to save our asses just like fire fighters and emts

DieMy... DieMyDarling

I'm just amazed that Belleville, Illinois made the news. And their Denny's at that lol...

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