Breast Implants Left at Hotel Must Mean Somebody Had Second Thoughts About Sizing Up

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hotel roomHave you ever left something behind at a hotel? Oh, come on, you can admit it. Everybody loses something on vacation at some point or another. What with all the packing and the unpacking and the early check-out times and the fact that you're probably jet-lagged and/or hungover and/or whatever else, it's tough to stay organized when you're traveling.

Then, by the time you realize you left your phone charger or your hair dryer or your favorite necklace in your room, it's too late to go back -- and don't even bother calling the hotel, because if whatever you forgot was valuable, well, you'll never see whatever it was again. Unless, of course, whatever you left behind was valuable AND of a highly personal nature. I mean highly, highly personal. Not like diamond engagement ring valuable/personal or even family heirloom valuable/personal ... more like ... breast implants valuable/personal.

Yup, that's right: This year, a woman accidentally left behind a set of breast implants at a Newcastle Central Travelodge in the U.K. Breast implants! Not the kind of foam inserts that go in push-up bras, mind you -- we're talking about breast augmentation surgery breast implants. Apparently the guest had purchased the implants from a U.S. seller and was on her way to London for a cosmetic surgery procedure.

But why -- HOW -- did she manage to forget the implants in her hotel room?! Was she using them as coasters? Maybe she was trying to play foosball with them and they rolled under the bed. Maybe she was storing them in the minibar fridge overnight so she could use them on her eyes in the morning in place of cucumber slices. Maybe, just maybe she had serious doubts about having surgery in the first place. Definitely the housekeeping staff was surprised to find them, I can guarantee that much.

What's the weirdest thing you ever left behind in a hotel room?


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nonmember avatar Carly

My retainers! I left them in a bedside drawer at a B&B in Wales lol. Still haven't gotten them back...

Coles... Coles_mom

As someone who worked for plastic surgeon and have assisted in many breast implant surgeries, those would be of no use unless they were in sterile packaging. It might have been a sales rep or doctor left them behind...there are usually a few of each size in the plastic surgeon's office so he/she can demonstrate size and feel to the patient.

Bridg... Bridget1981

I forgot my pillow once( I was pregnant with my first and needed my pillow to sleep on).  We were on our way to a funeral for my aunt approximately 2.5 days drive away.  We called the hotel and they held onto it until we were on our way back.  Picked it up without  a problem.  Definitely have to give kudos to the staff for that!

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