Pedophilia Is Not & Never Will Be ‘Normal’ Sexual Behavior

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There are certain moralities that you hope all rational people can agree on. Stealing is bad, murder is terrible, and pedophilia is horrific. There may be gray areas in many cases, such as the parent who stole bread for their hungry child, or the wife who killed a violently abusive husband, but one thing I can never even begin to excuse is the sexual exploitation of children.

So I nearly threw up when reading an article recently that stated there’s no real academic consensus on whether or not consensual pedophiliac relationships actually cause harm.

I’m sorry ... what now? What the hell is a “consensual pedophiliac relationship”? A child does not have the cognitive development or emotional maturity to make a decision about entering into a sexual relationship, nor do they have the physical or psychological strength to resist an adult that insists that they do. To even question whether or not these cases cause harm is preposterous.

J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University claims that while the idea seems impossible, there’s no evidence that voluntarily entered into relationships of this nature have any correlation with undesirable outcomes. He admitted to being “disturbed” by the notion, but forced to admit, “persuasive evidence for the harmfulness of [pedophilic] relationships does not yet exist.”

Quick! Someone page Oprah.

Oh but wait -- it gets worse. There are some ‘experts’ that would like to reclassify pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Sarah Goode, a leading sociologist on the study of pedophilia in society, says the move would play into “the sexual liberation discourse” of the past several decades.

"There are a lot of people," she says, "who say: we outlawed homosexuality, and we were wrong. Perhaps we're wrong about paedophilia."

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to socially accept people that want to have sex with children. It’s disgusting to try to relate warped individuals with the gay community. Pedophiles don’t want a lasting, committed relationship with another person that they can share their hopes and dreams and lives with -- they want to dominate a helpless victim for their own sick fantasies.

Goode goes on to say:

Adult sexual attraction to children is part of the continuum of human sexuality; it's not something we can eliminate ... If we can talk about this rationally -- acknowledge that yes, men do get sexually attracted to children, but no, they don't have to act on it -- we can maybe avoid the hysteria. We won't label paedophiles monsters; it won't be taboo to see and name what is happening in front of us.

No. Just no. Pedophilia is not a normal progression of human sexuality; it’s a perversion of it. There are certain things that should remain taboo, and un-consensual sex is one of them. Sex with a child is never consensual.

What do you think: Is there any way that pedophilia could be deemed as sexual orientation issues?


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EvaSa... EvaSamuel

I truly do not believe that a human can be born a pedophile the way that I believe we are born with our sexual orientation.  I believe that the evidence suggests that pedophiles are made according to their life experiences, more specifically, previous abuse.  You are so correct in saying that children do not have the cognitive ability to enter into a relationship with an adult and to suggest that there are "harmless" relationships of this nature is frightening at best.

nonmember avatar John

"No. Just no. Pedophilia is not a normal progression of human sexuality; it’s a perversion of it. There are certain things that should remain taboo,"

Spoken like all the people that spent their entire lives bashing gay people. I'm not for pedophilia I'm just saying YOU PERSONALLY will never accept it or be okay with it, just like some people PERSONALLY Wont ever be okay with or accept gay people. Just because this offends a large majority of the populations moral code doesnt really mean anything considering gays went through this exact same problem for the last.. uh idk.. forever?

nonmember avatar Alex

Everybody said that the next step after 'normalizing' homosexuality would be normalizing pedophiliacs. Here you go.

Flori... Floridamom96

Have we on the right not been decrying the inevitable 'slippery slope' that the left claimed didn't exist? Well, here it is.

nonmember avatar krelia

Yet we allow children to say they are a different gender and encourage that when they do?

Happy... Happydad73

It amazes me how those on the left can be so shocked that this would be brought up when us consevitives have been saying for 15 years or more that this would be next, followed by beastiality and necrophilia. When you say one is ok (homosexuality) because they are born that way, soon the others will say they were born that way so it should be ok. You can't have it both ways.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

John, since when will sexually preying on children by adults EVER be ok, normal or accepted? It is damaging to children emotionally and psychologically.  ANY sexual relation that is not consensual between both parties is criminally defined as rape.  Children CANNOT give consent, so it is automatically rape.  Since when is a sexual relationship that involves raping one of the parties not harmful to the one being raped?  

And no, homosexuality does not automatically mean pedophilia.  Yes there are gay sexual predators just as there are heterosexual predators.  There are men who like to rape little boys and men who like to rape little girls.  

Rae.302 Rae.302

OH MY GOD! As horrifying and disgusting as this is...these comments make me just as ill. All of these "conservatives"...since when is a loving, consentual relationship between two adults anything AT ALL like raping a child?! Seriously, you people freaking disgust me just as much as the "experts" cited in the article. Just sickening. Im just at a loss...

zandh... zandhmom2

Slippery slope indeed.  How do we know that pedophiles are that way because they were abused or if they were born that way?

cmjaz cmjaz

A child cannot consent to sex. Pedophilia means young children. Three,4, 8, 9 years old. Not 12 and 13 year olds. Telling me a 7 year old 'wants' to have sex? and an adult will have the 'right' to prey?Not likely. Serious internal damage can occur with young children being raped. Think about that. Disgusting pigs who even want to consider making it a legal sexual orientation make me sick.

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