Woman Arrested for Setting Mattress on Fire -- While Ex & New Girlfriend Are Sleeping on It

nicole dobolWell, this is a lovely way to wake up. A 29-year-old woman in Florida allegedly burst into her ex-boyfriend's home, found him sleeping in bed with another woman, lit the mattress of fire, then laughed at them from outside the fire ring as the two clamored to get out. Ex-Boyfriend and Current Girlfriend managed to escape unscathed, so yay for happy endings, but dude, what hell is wrong with this woman? To light your ex's bed on fire is bad enough. But to stand on the outside "taunting" them like some kind of demon takes things to a whole new level of banaynay.

The woman, Nicole Dobol, apparently went to a place called Hog Heaven Bar and Grill to find her ex's roommate. When she found him, Nicole inquired as to where her ex was, and he told her that he was at home. (Thanks, roomie!) Apparently, the fire was still blazing when Roommate got home. He said that the reason Nicole set fire to the mattress was because it "made her crazy" to see her ex with another woman. Think so?

Look. Clearly, this woman -- "if she did commit this crime" -- isn't right. A normal person doesn't torch an ex's mattress while he's in it. A normal person stalks their ex on Facebook, and considers getting hair extensions. That said, though, maybe, just maybe, if Nicole would have waited a few minutes before rushing over like a bat out of hell from Hog Heaven, she wouldn't have ("allegedly") done this. Heck, maybe if she hung out at Hog Heaven a little while longer, she would have met some nice boy that took her mind off of her ex. 

So many of these asinine, insane crimes are done in the heat (heh) of the moment. If people would just wait a god-dang second and cool off a bit, they could spare everyone -- including themselves -- a lot.

What did Nicole gain from this? Aside from a likely stint in jail, not much. Think before you torch, kids.

What do you think of this?


Image via Monroe County Sheriff's Office



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Spooky80 Spooky80

thats messed up, she should serve life in prison

jkasa... jkasaback

It sounds like he had a perfectly legitimate reason to make her his 'ex' in the first place. Crazy doesn't just rear it's ugly head out of the blue. And, as for her waiting at the bar to find a nice guy, why in the world would you wish this women on a decent fellow?

Tahni Danielle

They probably deserved it.

nonmember avatar Jill

Just to be clear, while this was a very crazy action on her part, they were very much dating at the time. He is currently her ex, but was her boyfriend at the time. She took him back after he hit her during a fight. She clearly shouldn't have, but his crocodile tears convinced her otherwise. Then while she was at work one day, his roommate CALLED HER and told her that she needed to hurry up and get to the bar because he was making out with another girl, one who had been trying to steal him away for a long time. He figured she wouldn't believe it unless she saw it. When she was out of work, she rushed to the bar but they were already gone. The roommate said they had gone back to the boyfriend's house. So she went there and walked in to his room and found them sleeping, naked. After yelling at them continuously, trying to wake them up and crying because she walked in on this awful situation, they were so drunk that they just kept telling her to "shut the f*ck up" and "just go home" and he would call her later. She absolutely stepped over the line in doing what she did, but all these news stories make him sound like this unsuspecting, innocent young man when he is seriously just as bad.

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