Chelsea Clinton Tweets From Hillary's Bedside With Update About Her Health (VIDEO)

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hillary clintonAfter news broke on Sunday that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital due to a blood clot, there was a lot of worry running rampant. But no one could have been more worried than her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and daughter Chelsea Clinton. Ever since the story made its first headlines, actually, I've been wondering when we'd hear from one or both of them. 

Well, on New Year's Eve, Chelsea took to Twitter to offer an update. She wrote, "Thank you to all for sending good thoughts my Mom's way. Grateful to all her doctors &that she'll make a full recovery!" Whew, right? 'Course that didn't mean the former First Daughter -- or her dad, the Big Dog himself, for that matter -- didn't look visibly upset and distraught after they both visited Hillary in the hospital on Monday.

Geeze, it was hard enough being a regular American getting word that Hill was hospitalized. To be in Chel's or Bill's shoes earlier this week, distressing doesn't even begin to cover it. After all, there seemed a point at which there seemed to be a lot of questions up in the air. Sure, docs said Madam Secretary would be okay, but she had to be under strict monitoring for 48 hours.

Most recently, though, we've gotten word that Hill is now on blood thinners to dissolve the clot, and although Clinton's clot is located in a vein in the space between the brain and the skull behind her right ear, according to a statement from her doctors, thank goodness, the clot did not cause a stroke or any brain/neurological damage whatsoever. Her physicians also note:

[Hillary] is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery. She is in good spirits, engaging with her doctors, her family, and her staff.

Still, as stressful as the whole ordeal has to be for all of them, it's reassuring to know that Hill's got Bill and Chelsea by her side, one more thing helping to ensure a full -- if not speedy -- recovery.

Are you reassured by the latest on Hillary and Chelsea's tweet?



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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Hope she gets better! It sucks when you're battleing one health issue after another. (Stomach virus, concussion, now blood clot...) 

You couldn't pay me enough to be a politician. All the negative things said about you and your family, the gray hair, the wrinkles, etc. NO WAY!!!

nonmember avatar andie

@Pinkmani, I've got the gray hair and the wrinkles without being a politician. If I was one, I'd really look like shit :)

PonyC... PonyChaser

While I don't see it as quite the mega-drama that you do, I do wish her well. I'm sure she's got the best care available, and she's got family by her side. Can't ask for more than that.


Makes me happy to hear the good news. These 'hurdles' we overcome in life remind us how fragile we are & how easy it is for families to be torn apart. I imagine the Clinton's feel very grateful tonight.

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