'Cannibal Cop' Says Plot to Kidnap & Cook Women Was Just Fantasy & He Can Prove It (VIDEO)

Remember the demented and bizarre case of the 'Cannibal Cop'? He's the New York City police officer who was arrested after his wife found messages on his computer indicating that he was plotting to kidnap and cook at least 100 women. He also allegedly illegally accessed a law enforcement database on various women whom he wanted for dinner. In one of his sickest moments, he allegedly wrote he wanted to set up an apparatus to cook a woman over a "slow flame" and keep her alive as long as possible.

From the get-go disgraced cop Gilberto Valle's defense has been that this was all fantasy talk.


He and his lawyer claim that he never had any intention of carrying out his plans of cooking women -- and it was all just some big online game. In fact, he's demanded that prosecutors give him the names of at least 20 other sickos he would chat with online about "violent sexual fantasies" so he can bring them on the stand and prove this was all just a bunch of bizarro blather. Says Valle's public defender:

Indeed, effective trial preparation could uncover facts critical to Mr Valle’s defence in that the individuals with whom Mr Valle was chatting likely will corroborate that they were engaging in fantasy role play with no intention of acting on their fantasies.

Does that make anyone feel better? Frankly, it doesn't make me feel better. Additionally, if none of it means anything, then WHY was Valle allegedly gathering REAL information on women, including their names and addresses?! You don't use real money when you play sicko sexual monopoly.

What's really shameful here is this guy was a cop. He's supposed to have the public's trust. And since police reportedly have "hundreds of thousands" of emails and IMs between Valle and his cannibal pals, this isn't something that he just did once and awhile. Sounds like it was ALL he did. And how scary is it that there are so many others just like him out there?! If Valle gets his way and these other men are named, there could be some very shocked wives and girlfriends.

Should people get jail time for sick fantasies? Should the other men's names be released?

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